Video Encoder Selection Guide

Get the streaming, video capture, and production solution to fit your needs

Quality in = quality out.

This wide array of versatile video encoders will help ensure a high quality of  your digital media stream, capture, and delivery.

Streamsie /
OBS Plugin

Streamsie, Streamsie iOS, and the Open Broadcaster Software (OB) are easy to use, fully automatic, live streaming and recording software encoders. 


The Mantis appliance fits in your coat pocket, with multiple video and audio inputs, perfect for live streaming and recording events. 


Spider is “video production in a box.” This compact appliance combines audio/video switching and processing with multiple high definition H264 streaming encoders. 


The Scorpion live IPTV encoder system is a dedicated multichannel streaming appliance for your 24/7 channel. Available as single channel appliance or rack unit.


Spirit works with Streamsie to give you all the features and flexibility of a high quality encoder with a dedicated PC desktop production station.

Compare Encoders from DiscoverVideo


  • Use the Scorpion IPTV encoders for TV Distribution and similar uses. Recording of the live stream is supported by the DEVOS, DVExpress, Stinger, and similar DiscoverVideo systems.
  • Streamsie PC, Streamsie Mac, Streamsie iOS, and OBS Plugin for PC and Mac may be freely downloaded and used, however each may require a streaming account. Accounts for DiscoverVideo servers (e.g. DEVOS) may be purchased at any time. Streamsie and OBS may be remotely controlled and scheduled from DEVOS.
  • Spider is ideal for Lecture Capture and for multiple video source (e.g. camera, PC screens, etc.) production. Spider supports four inputs and each input has its own independent stream, plus Spider supports a combined (PiP) or switched output stream.
  • Mantis is perfect for simple live and/or recording of events, announcements, lectures, or where a multiple video source production switcher is already employed. Mantis may be remotely controlled and scheduled from DEVOS.
  • Most 3rd party live streaming encoders may be used with DEVOS and Arcus if they support H264/AAC-LC and rtmp or rtsp.
  • “Netcams” may be used with DEVOS using rtsp pull. Arcus does not currently support pulling audio/video via rtsp.
  • Spider supports rtsp input stream from most 3rd party NetCams or other sources.
  • Use the lowest bit rate, resolution, and frame rate that produces an acceptable result to avoid wasting bandwidth.

NOTE: All specifications subject to change without notice.  Please contact Discover Video for latest information.