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Are you looking for a truly simple and economical way to stream and capture lectures, with the content instantly and automatically available online?

You have arrived at the perfect solution. 

How Discover Video Lecture Capture Works

  • AUTOMATE RECORDING – Schedule recordings to start at a specified time with pre-set A/V settings.
  • STREAM WITH NO FUSS – Once the lecture has begun, students can view and interact with a synchronized presentation. It is immediately available on-demand – no waiting for the server to process the video.
  • ENGAGE STUDENTS – Just like they were in the classroom, instructors can interact with online students in real time with live chat, polling, and Q&A.
  • ADD CLOSED CAPTIONING – Searchable, AI-generated closed captioning is added with a single click. 
  • OFFER VIEWING OPTIONS – Students can view live and on-demand presentations anywhere, on any platform using their campus authentication and an internet connection. They can also download lectures as podcasts to listen without an internet connection.
  • MONITOR STUDENT ENGAGEMENT – After the lecture, instructors can see who has viewed the recording live and on-demand.
  • WIDEN YOUR REACH – Deliver the video presentation to remote campuses with multiple viewers with a StreamPump appliance and replicate your stream, without using additional internet bandwidth. 
Lecture Capture with Spider Video Encoder and DEVOS Streaming Server

What You Need to Turn the Classroom Into a Studio

You’re not going to believe the ease, simplicity, and cost effectiveness of our solution. 


We recommend the Spider encoder, a.k.a. Video Production in a Box.

The Spider video encoder is a compact appliance that combines multiple high definition H264 streaming encoders with audio/video switching and processing.

  • 4 Independent Streams + Recording
  • Built-in Switching & PiP
  • Automatic Upload
  • Program Stream + Record
  • Picture-in-picture effects, audio mixing, and more
Spider Encoder
“Video Production in a Box”


DEVOS (Digital Enterprise Video Online System) is an end-to-end video management platform. Stream, capture, manage, and deliver with one system.

The DEVOS content management system serves as a central storage and management hub for all captured video content.

Many competitors offer video solutions that are exclusively cloud-based, and can be cost prohibitive. You have a choice of several different configurations, all at a much lower price point.

  • On-premises: Install software on your own server or the DEVOS Rack Server-16, which supports over 2,000 simultaneous video viewers. Install a single server or one per department
  • Cloud: Fully hosted, expandable storage
  • Hybrid: On premises and cloud
  • StreamPump: Intelligent reflect and caching server optimizing video delivery
DEVOS Video Management System


  • ONE STOP SHOPPING – ONE USER INTERFACE – With other solutions, you may have to use several different vendors for hosting, encoders and other hardware. DEVOS is an all-in-one video ecosystem that let’s you easily stream, capture, manage, and deliver, within one user-friendly control panel, with single sign-on.
  • STREAMLINED SERVICE & SUPPORT – When all aspects of your lecture capture solution are compatible, installing and managing this system is simplified.
  • GUARANTEED 3RD PARTY INTEGRATION – All our products also “play nice with others,” so if you need to replace parts of your video management system, our hardware and software will easily integrate with 3rd party networks and components.


  • TRULY ECONOMICAL PRICING – Lecture capture pricing is based around the purchase of a video encoder and the DEVOS streaming/recording system (able to service up to 100 classrooms). You can choose a one-time cost of on-premises hardware, or DEVOS software with monthly bandwidth to the cloud server. Either way, you only pay for what you use, regardless of the number of users.

    For example, an on-prem DEVOS server, with ten classrooms equipped with a multi-channel encoder, would average out to less than $2000 per lecture hall per year, over a 5-year period. The cloud solution with typical bandwidth usage and a monthly subscription is about the same.

Lecture Capture Clients

Higher Ed Lecture Capture Clients of DiscoverVideo

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