DVPlayer is the only player in the streaming industry that can automatically attempt to play an IP multicast stream and then rollover to other protocols.

Those old enough to remember the infancy of streaming media will remember the “player wars”. Real Networks, Apple, Microsoft, and a handful of others produced a desktop application “player” and would brag about how many downloads and/or installs they had. These statistics were supposed to indicate who was “winning” the streaming media market share.

Consumers had their favorite player. Apple people liked QuckTime. Microsoft people liked Windows Media Player. Everyone liked Real Player until it became a paid service that delivered far too many advertisments.

Each player had its advantages and excelled at playing the media that vendor perferred. Windows Media Player did a really good job playing Windows Media but could not play MPEG-2 video via IP multicast; QuickTime would play IP multicast, but only if it was in MPEG-4 Part 2 format, etc. etc. That mades sense because the players were not a “product” as much as a means to and end, a necessary component of a proprietary ecosystem.


Players died out as the web took over. Consumers did not need a stand-alone player to view video in a broswer but they did have to suffer the eternal flash player updates. And as mobile become more important and even the primary viewing vehicle, feeding cell phones what they could play became vitial. This of course lead to today’s standards and defacto standards for media format and protocols (H264/AAC/HTTP/HLS/RTMP).

Even the greedy patent claims on streaming subsided, and players like VLC, which comes from a headquarters in France which does not recognize software patent claims, became popular as a stand-alone player.

But none of the players do what a good enterprise solution needed: automatic support for mutliple protocols. So DVPlayer was born.

DVPlayer is the only player in the industry that can automatically attempt to play an IP multicast stream and then rollover to other protocols.

Roll Over

When you view a video in the DiscoverVideo system, you can press a button on the web page to open DVPlayer as an external player. This allows you to resize it and place the player anywhere on your desktop. And to the extent you have optional bandwidth-efficient IP multicast configured, the player will try that first. But if you are, for example, on WiFi and IP multicast is not available, DVPlayer will play the video using HLS, RTMP, or low-delay web socket streaming.

Quick Links

Sometimes you may not want to log in to the system, click though to the live stream you want, and play it in the web page. You may just want a simple desktop shortcut you can click and instantly view a live stream. For example a live “morning announcement” in a school. Or a live TV “CNN”, “CNBC” news feed on a trader’s desktop.

The DVPlayer has quick link shortcuts that support multiple protocols. Click and you are viewing live IPTV in your network using whatever protocol is available.

Keep Many On Top

When you want to have multiple videos playing on your desktop, to monitor TV, to watch sensitive areas, or for any number of use cases, DVPlayer is a great choice. You can have as many players running as your computer will allow and the player supports keep-on-top to you can go about your work while the video plays. DVPlayer even remembers the size and location last used.

DVPlayer is Free

DVPlayer is part of the DiscoverVideo video streaming ecosystem and is available to all customers for no charge. DVPlayer works with Devos, Streamsie, OBS, Arcus, Stinger, Mantis, Spider, Scorpion, and 3rd party encoders and systems.