Streamline Your Streaming

The award-winning DEVOS system allows you to make simple webcam recordings using just your browser and your webcam of choice. No software to install, just start recording from your DEVOS portal.

Using the Right Video Recording Tools

DiscoverVideo offers many types of video encoders to support different types of video recording.

Keeping It Simple

But sometimes you want the absolute minimum of complexity for simple recording of from your webcam. While Streamsie can use your webcam too, if you just want quick “talking head” video, the webcam recording page found in DEVOS is ideal.

Ready to Use

There’s no software or plugins to install, just go to your DEVOS portal.

Using only your webcam, click on the “Webcam Recorder” and you will see yourself. Look into the camera, then press the “Start Recording” button. Record your comments, your lesson, your lecture, or your message.

When done, press “Stop Recording”.

That isn’t what you see?
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Preview, Download, Publish

After making your recording, you can instantly preview it. If you like it, you can publish your recording by selecting the “Publish” button. Set a title, description, and other attributes as desired. Save when done. You can also elect to download it to your computer and not publish it, or upload it at a later time.

Webcam or Other Camera?

The Webcam Recorder will automatically detect your installed webcam. But it will automatically detect your Razor too. Razor is a USB conversion device that allows you to use a HDMI video source. So you can use a more advanced, professional camera too.

Happy Filming!