Easily Stream & Broadcast School News

“Good Morning, Hometown Elementary!”

Live Video School News Example

In two easy steps, deliver spectacular high definition live school news and morning announcements to all classrooms using your existing Internal Ethernet IP network.

Stream Your School News in Two Easy Steps

Step #1 – Setup Video Encoder

Choose the live video encoder that fits your needs.

Streamsie® + Razor Adapter gives you live and on-demand video production software that streams and records live camera audio/video and desktop presentations from virtually any source.

Designed for the non-technical, Streamsie is used by thousands of students and teachers around the world.

MISO also allows backward compatibility for VGA and analog equipment. 

Streamsie & Razor for Live Streaming

Streamsie® Software Encoder + Razor USB Adapter


Scorpion is a live video encoder that is perfect for an uncomplicated broadcast.

Just plug in your camera and microphone, hit “stream” or “record” and you’re streaming an HD video stream. 

It supports inputs from HDMI and analog line in, and can be used anywhere there is a network connection.

Scorpion Live IPTV Video Encoder

Scorpion HD Encoder

Step #2 – Connect to StreamPump Mini

The StreamPump Mini Appliance Server replicates the live video stream from Streamsie or Scorpion to multiple classrooms and other locations. 

StreamPump removes the  need for coax cables, and prevents IP network congestion problems. It works automatically, with nothing to administer.

Video Encoder & StreamPump for Live Broadcasts

Choose Your School News Starter Kit

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Streamsie Package

  • Streamsie Software & Razor USB Adapter

  • StreamPump Mini Appliance Server

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    $ 3995

    Scorpion Package

  • Scorpion Encoder

  • StreamPump Mini Appliance Server

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    9 Reasons to Use DiscoverVideo to Broadcast Your School News

    1. No ads or related content – No need to post to YouTube or Facebook. This is your private streaming network with no external advertising or distracting related content.
    2. No Additional Costs – These are stand-alone solutions with a one-time purchase and no licence, bandwidth, or storage fee required.
    3. Easy Setup – No applications, drivers, capture cards or other peripherals needed, just a little help from the IT department.
    4. Convenience – Stream and record video for morning announcements or anytime.
    5. Network Friendly – Deliver video over local IP securely to classrooms and other locations.
    6. Simple to Use – Streamsie and Scorpion are used by students and teachers around the world. 
    7. Student & Staff Security – Live stream morning announcements stay on your local network and are hidden from outside viewers.
    8. High Quality Stream – Streamsie and Scorpion encoders provide full HD resolution. 
    9. Technical Support – One hour of online training. Tech support via email or phone.

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