Video Morning Announcement Service

The DiscoverVideo Morning Announcement Service was designed to allow K-12 schools to deliver live video securely throughout the school to classrooms computers, hallway monitors and even personal devices. The service includes a simple to use High Definition encoder for streaming and recording the event and Internet delivery service to computers, mobile devices, and smart TVs. Each school can purchase an account in a district and conduct their own live video announcements. These announcements can also be recorded for on-demand viewing.

Easy & Affordable

For $249 per month, you get an encoder that connects to the ARCUS server, 1TB streaming bandwidth, 100GB for Video on Demand storage, 1 hour of online training with an ARCUS expert and 1 year of technical support.

Encoder Included

The Mantis Video Encoder is included with this package. This video encoder automatically connects to the ARCUS service and requires one button push to stream or record.

Video Morning Announcement Service


  • One admin account for creating and publishing the video morning announcement
  • Delivery of video over the Internet securely to classrooms and other locations
  • The use of one Mantis encoder for connection to cameras/mics*
  • Internet delivery cloud service to receive and distribute the live and on-demand video
  • One hour of online training
  • Technical support for one year
  • 1TB streaming bandwidth and 100GB for video on demand
Why Choose DiscoverVideo
  • Ease of use – The Mantis video encoder automatically connects to the Arcus service and just requires one button push to stream or record.
  • Technical support – DiscoverVideo trained staff is available to help answer questions or fix issues.
  • Security – Live streams and recorded morning announcements can be password protected and hidden from outside viewers.
  • High Quality – The Mantis encoder is a full HD encoder and can stream up to 1080p. The service supports HD video for viewing on large screens.
  • No ads or related content – The Arcus system is your private streaming network with no external advertising or distracting related content.

Are You Interested?

Video Morning Announcements

Are you still reading announcements over a PA system or stuffing printed sheets into teachers’ mailboxes? Video morning announcements are a great way to engage your students and get them active within the school community.

Download the Morning Announcements eBook

Mantis Encoder

The Mantis offers multiple input options, such as HDMI, SDI, DVI, VGA, Composite and Component connections. Select one of these formats and simply connect to the DEVOS or Arcus systems with ease.

Find out More about the Mantis Encoder