Venue replicates live presentations to smartphones, tablets, and desktops

Venue Presentation Replicator

Have you ever sat in a seminar, classroom, or ballroom and strained to view the presenter’s material on a projected screen?

Or wonder why they bother with the screen at all when you have a perfectly capable SmartPhone, Tablet, or Laptop computer with you? Venue solves this problem.

The Venue is a small, self-contained appliance. Simply connect your video source, network, and apply power. The network-friendly Venue can be configured to use minimum bandwidth by only detecting changes in the input video and only sending those changes to your viewers. As a result, it is light on WiFi network usage and it can be scaled to support hundreds of viewers. 

Deliver a presenter’s screen, for example PowerPoint, to everyone in a meeting room, ballroom, or elsewhere with the ultimate in simplicity.

  • No App or plug-in required
  • Optional password required for viewing
  • Built-in multiple-choice audience polling with real-time graphical results
  • Affordable solution competes with systems costing 10X more
Product Information

The new Discover Video Venue provides you the ability to see the presentation directly on your smartphone or tablet. Just connect your mobile device to the presentation WiFi network and you are ready to watch. Every slide or new screen can be viewed in high quality HD.

You can use your existing WiFi network or you may also elect to use an independent, low cost WiFi router that is not connected to your local network. In this case, give the WiFi a name like “Presentation” and tell your viewers to access that particular WiFi. When they connect, you can have your router connect them directly to the Venue by using the guest access feature available in many routers.

At the touch of a button, you can create and give a real-time multiple-choice poll to your audience and display and share the results. You can create polls on-the-fly and instantly view the results in a bar chart. Polls are a great way to make your presentation more interactive and to engage your audience. Polls also let you know more about your audience so you can tailor your remarks.



  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • VGA


  • 127 mm x 87 mm x 30mm ( 5” x 3.4” x 1.2”)

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