NetCams and Spider Catch Woodchuck

How to Use NetCams and DiscoverVideo’s Spider Encoder to Record and Stream with RTSP

Network Cameras, a.k.a “NetCams”, can be a great way to capture live events or to monitor remote areas.  Some of DiscoverVideo’s customers have outfitted sports arenas, lecture halls, doorways, and other locations with inexpensive NetCams.  For me, I have NetCams around my home, and used them to discover what animals were treating my garden like a salad bar.

What if I wanted to live stream and record Woody the Woodchuck destroying my  broccoli patch?

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InfoComm 2019

Making Your Streams Come True at InfoComm 2019

DiscoverVideo showcased three new products at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, FL that will turn your IPTV streaming nightmares into sweet dreams.


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