Streamsie empowers anyone in your organization to create compelling video content that can be shared live or recorded, uploaded to DEVOS, and viewed anywhere/anytime.

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Streamsie is an easy to use, live streaming and recording software encoder. Simply select “Stream” to stream live and “Record” to record.  When multiple video sources (as illustrated above), select a built-in template and change it on-the-fly.

Streamsie is setup and managed by DEVOS, DVExpress, or Arcus, so the user does not have to even set bit rates or publishing points.  It is fully automatic.  But if you want to stream or record to 3rd party systems, Streamsie allows you to do that too using local settings.


  • Built-in production templates for video switch, Picture-in-Picture, and more
  • Chroma Key for green-screen effects
  • Image overlay for titles, “lower third”, and other effects
  • File streaming, allows you to select a video file as one of your “live” sources
  • Duration Recording, allowing you to automatically digitize a VHS tape or other source
  • Automatic upload after record options
  • Remote control and scheduling from DEVOS, a desktop, or an iPhone/iPad
  • Accelerated performance with Intel® Quick Sync.
  • Works with Captiva Miso and Captiva cards, and with most 3rd party capture devices
  • Screen capture with follow mode, full screen, screen area capture

Stream a live event from virtually anywhere, at any time. Live morning announcements, live CEO webcast, live just-in-time training. Stream a live concert. Or show your boss or your customers what they need to see and hear — live. 

Record your training tutorial, in the office or at home. Record your event in industry-standard H264/AAC .mp4.  Upload your video to your DiscoverVideo system, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Discover Video makes this possible with Streamsie 

Streamsie iOS is a powerful and easy-to-use app for your iPad/iPhone that captures live audio and video from the iPad/iPhone camera and microphone and streams or records. Once recorded it can be automatically uploaded to DEVOS™, Arcus, or you can upload it manually to YouTube, Facebook, etc.  Unlike other streamers for mobile, Streamsie iOS automatically rotates your video so you will never have upside-down streams for files.

Product Information

With Streamsie you have the tools of a broadcast studio literally at your fingertips. Independently select recording bitrates and resolutions to maximize quality and flexibility. Easily upload recorded videos online for on-demand viewing or download them to your computer for editing and storage.

Download Streamsie 2  (Free – for use with DEVOS or ARCUS)

Download Streamsie 1  ($9.95 – for use with ARCUS and 3rd party streaming services)

Contact us to setup an ARCUS account on our servers. If you already have DEVOS or ARCUS, just enter your account credentials in Streamsie and you can stream live and upload recordings.


Video Input

  • USB Camera, Built-In Webcam
  • External Analog Video via USB
  • External WM stream URL
  • HD or HD Capture Card

Output Types

  • Live Flash Stream
  • Live H.264 unicast Stream
  • Live H.264 multicast Stream (via DEVOS)
  • AAC Audio
  • 10 Kbps to 10 Mbps
  • Up to 1920 x 1080 (HD)
  • H.264 File (.mp4)

Remote Control

  • Remote Control via web when used with Discover Video DEVOS account
  • IP for local control and for 3rd party integration

Screen Input

  • Full PC Screen Capture
  • Portion of PC Screen
  • External VGA Input


  • Mix screen, external video, external VGA, external URL
  • Real time animation
  • Variety of layouts
  • Built-in template editor
  • Built-in Chroma Key (Pro version)


  • Automatic upload of recordings to video server
  • Display, Delete any uploaded video

Streaming / CDN

  • Use with DV Account
  • Stream via DEVOS

Audio Input

  • Built-In Microphone
  • Webcam Microphone
  • External Audio via USB


  • OUTPUT- Stream Only
  • OUTPUT – Stream And Record
  • OUTPUT – Record Only
  • OUTPUT – Pause Recording
  • INPUT – Video Only
  • INPUT – Screen Only
  • INPUT – Screen + Video
  • INPUT – Video + Video
  • INPUT – Screen + Screen


  • H.264 Recording can be added to iTunes or RSS subscription for immediate Podcasting

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