Live Streaming Encoding Software

Make Streaming Easy Peasy with Streamsie®

Streamsie® empowers anyone in your organization to create and share live or recorded video anywhere, anytime.

Streamsie is a easy, live streaming, and recording software encoder. Simply select “Stream” to stream live and “Record” to record.

Streamsie is fully automatic, super user-friendly, designed for the non-technical.

We’ve made it easy to use multiple video sources, with built-in templates and the ability to change it on-the-fly.

Streamsie can stream and record to any server, or social media platform. Of course we’d prefer you use our award-winning DEVOS, DVExpress, or Arcus services.

Enterprise Streaming

“Coming to you LIVE from …”

Stream a live event from virtually anywhere, at any time. Live morning announcements, live CEO webcast, live just-in-time training. Stream a live concert. Or show your boss or your customers what they need to see and hear — live. 

Record your training tutorial, in the office or at home. Record your event in industry-standard H264/AAC .mp4.  Upload your video to your DiscoverVideo system, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Streamsie makes ALL of that possible. 

Broadcast Using Streamsie IOS

Streaming App for Mobile

Streamsie iOS is a powerful and easy-to-use app for your iPad/iPhone that captures live audio and video from the iPad/iPhone camera and microphone and streams or records. Once recorded it can be automatically uploaded to DEVOS™, Arcus, or you can upload it manually to YouTube, Facebook, etc. 

Unlike other streamers for mobile, Streamsie iOS automatically rotates your video so you will never have upside-down streams for files.

Streamsie for Video School News

More Streamsie Features

  • Built-in production templates for video switch, Picture-in-Picture, and more
  • Chroma Key for green-screen effects
  • Image overlay for titles, “lower third”, and other effects
  • File streaming, allows you to select a video file as one of your “live” sources
  • Duration Recording, allowing you to automatically digitize a VHS tape or other source
  • Automatic upload after record options
  • Remote control and scheduling from DEVOS, a desktop, or an iPhone/iPad
  • Accelerated performance with Intel® Quick Sync.
  • Works with Captiva Razor and Captiva cards, and with most 3rd party capture devices
  • Screen capture with follow mode, full screen, screen area capture


Video Input
  • USB Camera, Built-In Webcam
  • External Analog Video via USB
  • External WM stream URL
  • HD or HD Capture Card
Output Types
  • Live Flash Stream
  • Live H.264 unicast Stream
  • Live H.264 multicast Stream (via DEVOS)
  • AAC Audio
  • 10 Kbps to 10 Mbps
  • Up to 1920 x 1080 (HD)
  • H.264 File (.mp4)
Remote Control
  • Remote Control via web when used with Discover Video DEVOS account
  • IP for local control and for 3rd party integration
Screen Input
  • Full PC Screen Capture
  • Portion of PC Screen
  • External VGA Input
  • Mix screen, external video, external VGA, external URL
  • Real time animation
  • Variety of layouts
  • Built-in template editor
  • Built-in Chroma Key (Pro version)
  • Automatic upload of recordings to video server
  • Display, Delete any uploaded video
Streaming / CDN
  • Use with DV Account
  • Stream via DEVOS
Audio Input
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Webcam Microphone
  • External Audio via USB
  • OUTPUT- Stream Only
  • OUTPUT – Stream And Record
  • OUTPUT – Record Only
  • OUTPUT – Pause Recording
  • INPUT – Video Only
  • INPUT – Screen Only
  • INPUT – Screen + Video
  • INPUT – Video + Video
  • INPUT – Screen + Screen
  • H.264 Recording can be added to iTunes or RSS subscription for immediate Podcasting

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