StreamPump is an intelligent video caching appliance that works with any DEVOS System.

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With a video distribution system at the headquarters location, authorized viewers at branch offices can tune into any live broadcast and select video-on-demand content, just like the headquarters staff. But branch offices are served with lower speed Wide Area Network (WAN) connections while the headquarters staff is able to use their blazingly-fast Local Area Network (LAN) connection. It is not uncommon for the WAN connection to the branch offices to be T1-class, giving only 1.5 Mbps of service. While this may be perfectly adequate for one branch office viewer, it is not enough for several viewers, and worse, the bandwidth use could impact mission-critical traffic. 

Product Information


  • Live Video sent to StreamPump only when there is one or more viewers
  • VoD content optionally cached upon first view
  • VoD content optionally cached based on schedule (e.g. after hours)
  • Configurable Cached content expiration

More Than Desktops 
StreamPump delivers live and VoD content to viewers on their desktops, on mobile devices and tablets, and supports Digital Signage displays. With StreamPump deployed at branch offices, you can centrally control and manage signage, and avoid constant WAN bandwidth usage. 


  • Bandwidth savings / efficiency
  • Can empower branch offices that may otherwise not be video-enabled
  • Preserves mission-critical data network applications
  • Fully automatic, simple appliance

With a simple StreamPump box located at each branch office, viewers automatically and transparently receive their content from the StreamPump in the office rather than using the WAN. A live video stream is pulled to the branch only when there is one or more viewers, and only one stream traverses the WAN regardless of how many branch office viewers there are. Video-on-Demand content is automatically cached at the branch office in several ways. First, when content is published on the headquarters server it can automatically propagate to the branch offices during specified hours (for example, at night). 

This approach ensures that any content viewed in the branch office is delivered from that branch office. Second, the StreamPump provides an intelligent caching option. With Intelligent Caching, a branch office viewer views the content from headquarters normally. StreamPump notices that a viewer had requested content that it does not already have cached, and it automatically downloads that specific content to make it available for the next viewer. Thus, intelligent caching helps to ensure popular content is cached, even if it has not been added to a channel.


Discover Video offers multiple Streampump servers for all of your branch office streaming needs. 

  • StreamPump Micro, Small Appliance – Designed for up to 25 remote viewers. 32GB SSD cache storage. GigE network interface. 
  • StreamPump Mini, Small Appliance – Designed for up to 100 remote viewers. 240 GB SSD cache storage. GigE network interface. 
  • StreamPump Standard, Rack Mount Appliance — Designed for up to 1000 remote viewers. 1 TB Hard Drive cache storage. GigE network interface. 

All models have a 1 year return to factory hardware warranty.


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