Multi-Camera Recording & Live Streaming

StreamEngine Network Flow

StreamEngine is the interface between cameras and other video sources, and the DEVOS distribution system.

StreamEngine also records your video and optionally automatically uploads it to the DEVOS, DV Stinger, DVExpress or 3rd party system for instant Video-on-Demand viewing.  

Remote Control

Schedule and control StreamEngine from the DEVOS system.  Start and stop streaming and recording at the touch of a button, or using the sophisticated scheduling system.

Hardware Compression

Each StreamEngine channel uses its own hardware (“chip”) encoder, providing up to full HD 1080p60 resolution without taxing the system.  Each channel can simultaneously stream and record, and each channel can also be configured to stream at multiple bit rates and resolutions.

Rack Mount 

The compact (1RU) StreamEngine supports 4 or 8 channels.  

Standard HDMI Input

Each channel supports a conventional HDMI input with embedded audio*.  SDI or composite video input may be available by special request.

  • StreamEngine 4-channel (19” rack)
  • StreamEngine 8-channel (19” rack)

*StreamEngine inputs do not support HDCP.

Product Information

The StreamEngine can automatically detect long periods of audio silence, lack of video motion, and other metrics. Based on this integrated analyzer, StreamEngine will automatically restart a channel thus providing a self-healing, reliable streaming system.

Up to 1920 x 1080 is supported and the system accepts HDMI input. Because of the high quality of Discover Video encoder, the HD video input can be streamed as low as 1 to 2 Mbps per channel with great quality.


Computer Video output

  • VGA
  • DVI


  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports


  • Power Supply UL, FCC, CE)

Video Input

  • (HD)- HDMI

Audio Input

  • Embedded HDMI


  • H.264 +AAC


  • Any up to 1920 x 1080

Frame Rate

  • Up to 60FPS

Streaming Mode

  • RTMP Push


  • H.264
  • Mp4 File

Operational Modes

  • Stream
  • Stream + Capture
  • Capture
  • Snapshot

Encoding Values

  • 20Kbps to
  • Adjustable resolution,
    audio rates, quality level, keyframe,

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