Online Presentations

Create and share PowerPoint presentations with live video

Create and Distribute Webinars with One Click

Create and distribute live and recorded webinars and webcasts with the Discover Video DEVOS platform. DEVOS is one part viewing portal, one part streaming server, and one part media management system. Publish your videos on the web and share them with viewers anywhere and at any time. Live and recorded presentations are viewable on any computer, TV, or mobile device.

Preserve Your Security

Preserve the security of your webinars with the DEVOS privacy settings. Protect webinars with passwords, require individual user logins prior to viewing content, and utilize conditional access to influence how users interact with your content, all through an easy to use one-click interface. You can choose how and where viewers can access your content with integrated one-click privacy settings.

Key Features

DEVOS Presentation mode allows users to send out invitations and track who has accepted and who is watching the video content. Viewers at home can choose to watch multiple screens including the presenter, the slides or both at the same time. If needed, presentations can be recorded and then made available for on-demand viewing.

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