Learning Path

All-in-One Video Course Creation & Assessment

Let’s remote teachers know how their students are doing.

Improve Engagement and Track Student Progress with Learning Path, the DEVOS course portal.

Know Who’s Paying Attention

As a remote teacher, do you miss knowing how well your students are absorbing the material?

Video on demand is sometimes better than a live stream, but you don’t get the same give and take that allows you to know who’s engaged and who’s tuning out or falling behind.

The Learning Path system in DEVOS may be the all-in-one video course creation and assessment tool you are looking for.

  • Create and manage video-based lessons and assign them to students to complete.
  • Questions can be embedded with questions.
  • Lessons can include videos, documents, and images.
  • Each teacher has their own channel.
  • Students have their own individual goals and assignments. As they watch videos and answer the questions, Learning Path tracks student progress. 
  • A threshold or passing grade can be set to assure that the content being learned is acknowledged and applied before moving onto the next course.
  • A report is then generated indicating who watched the video(s) and how many answers they correctly answered to the appropriate teachers or administrator.
  • The data can show the need for individual attention or revisiting a topic for greater understanding. 
Learning Path Course Creation and Portal
Teacher and Student Can Measure Progress for VoD Lessons and Trainings

Learning Path Is…

  • Easy to use as teachers record directly into the platform, or add videos from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Secure, because it requires everyone to login. It’s compatible with Active Directory and Classlink for single sign-on.
  • Cloud-based and reachable from any location.
  • Mobile compatible so your students can watch lessons on any device.
  • Perfect for audio learners as video lessons are easily converted into podcasts.
  • Facilitating flipped classrooms by integrating home schooling and self-directed learning with the classroom experience.
  • Close captioning ready, to add to video lessons.
  • Not just for K-20, as it’s great for on-boarding and employee training and certification.

Lead the Way to Distance Learning

Learning Path for Distance Learning

Sample Learning Path

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