Digital Signage

Simple and Secure Plug-and-Play Multimedia Display

Easily provide dynamic and vital information on TV monitors throughout your buildings

Unlimited Digital Signage

Unlimited Displays with Granular Control

With the DEVOS digital signage system each TV monitor can display unique content.

  • Static images
  • PowerPoint or Google Slides
  • Live streaming
  • Recorded video
  • RSS feeds
  • Webpages
  • Emergency alerts
  • Schedules

Simple to Use

A user-friendly template wizard allows anyone to create dynamic signs for any monitor.

  • Schedule and administer from any location.
  • Change the signage through Google Slides or DEVOS.
Easy Digital Signage Creation with DEVOS

Video Priority Alert Messaging

Priority Alert for Digital Signage and SMS Notifications

For emergencies, you can send Priority Alert messages directly to digital signage monitors with evacuation instructions or other important information.

Priority Alert overrides any other content that may be showing, and replaces it with your message.

Simple Installation

SignStick for Unlimited Custom Digital Signage

Simply connect a DiscoverVideo SignsStick or Media Player to the local Ethernet or Wi-Fi network to start streaming content from the DEVOS server.

Your DEVOS server can be either on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both, depending on your needs.

Want to know more?

Learn how the DEVOS system easily integrates with plug-and-play hardware to make any TV a digital sign.

Or tell us about your digital signage needs.