Digital Signage

Provide dynamic & vital information on TV monitors throughout your buildings

Unlimited Displays with Granular Control

With the DEVOS signage system each TV monitor can display unique content. It can include images (PowerPoint or Google Slides), live or recorded video, RSS feeds, emergency alerts, webpages, and more. We recommend our compact SignStick or DV Media Player to receive signs from the DEVOS system and display them on the TV.

Simple to Use

Our signage system is simple to use and can be administered from any location. An easy to use template based wizard allows anyone to create dynamic signs for any monitor. Each sign can be scheduled (DEVOS) to appear at specific times of the day, or day of the week. With Google Slides you can change the signage by just changing your slide – no need to login into DEVOS.

Bus Scheduling

Digital Signage is a great way to greet faculty, students and parents as they enter a school. Discover Video offers a complete Digital Signage Solution for K12. Display Bus Alerts, the school lunch menu and video morning announcements to any screen in the school. DEVOS supports a simple system that allow you to display real-time school bus announcements. As soon as the busses are available for loading Signage will display on the television the number of the bus. This can be done with a bus monitor outside controlling the bus alert system with a mobile device.

Priority Alerts

For emergencies, you can send Priority Alert messages directly to digital signage monitors providing evacuation instructions or other important information. Priority Alert overrides any other content that may be showing, and replaces it with your message.

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