Closed Captioning

Closed captioning isn’t a new invention, so why isn’t it standard on every video? Discover Video makes it possible for every video in your library to have closed captioning.

ADA Compliant

Captions are a great step towards ADA Compliance. They allow the hearing impaired to view and understand the content of videos uploaded to your organization’s DEVOS server. ADA compliant captions are easy to add with the DEVOS automated tools.

Real-time Captioning

Captions can now be included during any live events. This exciting feature is great for people who live stream to the public internet and broadcast to the television at the same time. Real-time captioning is great for graduation ceremonies, government meetings and CEO webinars. Captioning live events increases viewership and allows organizations to meet regulations.

Searchable Captions

Any videos with captions uploaded to the DEVOS server are searchable. DiscoverVideo offers the unique ability to search the full caption library for specific keywords and phrases. This means anyone accessing the DEVOS sever can search for a keyword and find which videos contain those keywords. Educators can save time by searching for a specific word or phrase to locate a video for classroom instruction.

Three Ways To Caption

Discover Video offers three different ways to caption video content. You can upload a .vtt file to the video in DEVOS or you can use the Discover Video automated captioning services. For most applications the DEVOS AI Captioning tool provides accurate enough captions. Discover Video also offers a professional human captioning service through its partner Cielo24.

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