On-Demand Video Library

Discover Video provides cost effective solutions for capturing and managing your videos.


On Demand Video

Record Video

DEVOS is ideal for recording, storing, managing, and delivering high quality video and audio. Recording can be done on any Discover Video encoder or directly on DEVOS (server side recording). Any local recordings can be automatically uploaded to a DEVOS channel and made available for on-demand viewing. Videos can be closed captioned and converted into podcasts.

On Demand Video

Manage Videos On Premise or In the Cloud

DEVOS provides an easy-to-use viewing portal that allows you to search for live and on-demand content, surf channels, or browse through categories. DEVOS not only makes it incredibly easy for you to publish and stream content but it also provides the flexibility you need to meet your unique requirements. DEVOS can be deployed on-premise as hardware and software or virtually from the cloud.

On Demand Video

Deliver Video to Any Device

Access DEVOS from televisions, computers, and mobile devices including iOS and Android – without any additional software. DEVOS provides detailed statistics and reports about who and when a particular video was viewed. This capability is ideal for compliance verification.

On Demand Video

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