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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

  • Connect to TV via HDMI

  • Connect Ethernet Adapter (optional)

  • Connect power to SignStick and wait for device to fully start up

  • Connect Keyboard/Mouse to the SignStick and then press Esc to access the interface — OR —

  • Enter the IP address of the SignStick in a browser on a computer (provided you have used Ethernet) — OR —

  • Find the IP address of the SignStick using the Finder App (provided you have used Ethernet)

  • When you access the user interface, use the default username / password:  admin / discover

  • Enter your DEVOS domain or IP address and the signage code you wish to display and save.  Allow 2 minutes for the change to apply

  • You may also setup the SignStick without keyboard/mouse.  Follow instructions in the manual to create an XML file for a USB drive.

Where do I get the Signage ID code?

  • Log in to your DEVOS and access the Signage section.  The ID is shown for each available sign.  If you have not already created a sign, you must create one using the available templates.

Can I power the SignStick from the TV?

  • Unlikely.  The SignStick requires more power than most TV’s offer from their USB.  You should use the 3A power supply that ships with the SignStick.

What is the difference between Signage, Scheduled, and Master?

  • Scheduled shows your selected sign at a specific time of day and repeats daily

  • Master shows your selected signs in a continuous loop and does not check “wall clock” time

  • Your selection of Signage, Schedule, or Master must match the signage ID

Can I use SignStick without a network connection?

  • Yes.  But first you must have a network connection to “load” the desired sign.  After it plays for at least one cycle, your video files (not web pages or Google Slides) will be cached (saved) and you can disconnect the network.

Product Manual

The Discover Video SignStick provides Digital Signage display under the control of a DEVOS Visual Communications Platform.


Download SignStick Finder App — The finder program for Windows detects signsticks that are on the same network (same subnet).