Convert Any TV Into a Digital Signage System

An easy to use, template-driven digital signage system


SignStick is a low cost, full digital signage media player that works with all of the Discover Video systems and services. Just plug the SignStick into any TV monitor via HDMI and connect to the local Ethernet or WiFi network. SignStick displays live video, playlists, web pages, images, and more. 

With easy to use controls, just login to the DEVOS, DVExpress, or Arcus system from anywhere and make or modify your signs. Within minutes you can have a complete system up and running. 

  • Live video
  • Video-on-Demand
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Google Slides
  • Images
  • Web pages
  • Scheduled time-of-day signage
  • Master Signage cycles through multiple signs
  • Caches content so signs play even without network connection

PowerPoint Plugin

When you add the PowerPoint plugin editing and publishing your templates right to DEVOS are even easier. That includes static slides and presentations that are made into video.

Read more or download the free add-on.

    • Model


    • Dimension

      ■ .04”D x 3.9” H x 1.5” W

    • CPU

      ■ Intel Atom


■ Intel HD Graphics

  • USB

■ USB (for Power)

  • HDMI

■ HDMI V1.4a

  • Audio

    ■ HDMI Embedded audio 203.626.5267

  • Wifi

    ■ IEEE 802.11b/g/n

    ■ Ethernet


■ 0 to +35 C ( +32 to +95F)

  • FCC

    ■ Part 15

  • Accessories Included

■ HDMI Extender Cable

■ USB to Ethernet Adapter

■ USB Power Cable

■ USB Power Supply


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