Turn any TV or monitor into display digital signage with SignStick®

As its name implies, SignStick® is a small “stick” form-factor device that plugs directly into any modern TV or monitor to display digital signage. The SignStick connects to your network via WiFi or via the included Ethernet adapter.  You configure the SignStick with a server address and the code for a Digital Sign.

The SignStick then displays your signage, which you control from the server.  The server may be a DEVOS or DVExpress system on your premises or in the Cloud.  Or your server may be the inexpensive Arcus service.

Because SignStick “calls home” to your server, it can be located anywhere:

  • Front Lobby
  • Employee Entrances
  • Hallway Intersections
  • Remote Offices
  • Customer Locations
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Post Offices
  • Government Departments and Agencies

What To Display On Digital Signage

The SignStick displays the content you have added to the server.  It may be:

  • Live videos (e.g. a TV feed, security camera, lecture, etc.)
  • Video-on-Demand videos
  • Web Pages
  • Images
  • PowerPoint

The layout of the display is set by selecting simple templates on the server.  This may be:

  • Full Screen video, images, web pages
  • Side-by-Side video and images
  • Video plus text and RSS feeds
  • Google Slides
  • More

So you simply create a playlist of your content, select a template, and your signage is ready.  You can change your playlist and templates at any time and the SignSticks will automatically update to your new settings.

Google Slides

Many customers love to use Google Slides for part of their Signage strategy.  Google Slides is very much like traditional PowerPoint, but it is purely online.  You can modify your slides at any time from anywhere, and the changes are reflected in your Digital Signage display without futher action.  Mix your Google Slides with live and on-demand video, images, and web pages in the system “Mix” template and you can have any layout you wish.

Unlimited Unique Displays

Each SignStick displays the signage based on the code you entered.  All SignSticks can have the same code, or they can all be different.  The system places no limits on the number of variety of signs you may create.  Show the lunch menu in the cafeteria while others are showing your welcome or news signs.

Time of Day Schedule

SignStick supports time-of-day scheduling, so you can show one sign in the morning, another at noon, another in the afternoon, and another in the evening.

Priority Alert

Whenever you wish, you can cause one, some, or all your signs to change to display an emergency video, text, or web page.  Or use Priority Alert to display breaking news or live ‘Morning Announcements” at any time.  You can even use Priority Alert to announce transportation schedule (“Bus 1 is ready now”).

Not A Flash or Web Player

While DEVOS also allow you to display Digital Signage in a web browser, I think you will agree a browser is not ideal for reliable operation.  Running any browser 7 x 24 with or without Adobe Flash is a problem, and eventually it will crash.  SignStick plays your Digital Signage content directly without depending on browsers for display of video or images.

Cached Playout

SignStick automatically caches your Video and Images and intelligently manages storage.  The first cycle through your playlist, the content is played via streaming from the server. But all subsequent playouts are from cache, unless you change something.  Live video is of course, live and not cached.  This arrangement means minimum bandwidth usage.  Plus, signs continue to play even without a network connection!


Need More Info?

Please give me, Rich Mavrogeanes, a ring at (860) 800-9922 or check out the SignStick page.