Scorpion Live IPTV Encoder System

HD IPTV for 24/7 Live Streaming


A Dedicated Multi-Channel Live Streaming System for your 24/7 channel

Perfect for TV Distribution in enterprises of any size » Schools, K-12, Higher Ed » Corporate, Financial » Healthcare » Government Security and Monitoring » Continuous Video Streaming

A Dedicated Multi-Channel Live Streaming System for your 24/7 channel
Live Stream Only

This dedicated and expandable audio/video live streaming encoder system is perfect for continuous encoding of live video sources for conventional “IPTV” delivery of television content in an enterprise network.

HD Quality

The encoders deliver high quality HD video streams up to 1080p. Thanks to rate control, multiple profiles and levels, the encoders can deliver great HD quality at rates as low as 1 – 2 Mbps per channel.

Easy & Flexible

Each channel is configured from a user-friendly built-in web interface, with bit rate, frame rate, key frame period, output destination and similar changes made “on-the-fly.”


The encoders support “On Screen Display,” to allow the insertion of optional text or images into the encoded stream.


The SCORPION IPTV system is available as a stand-alone single channel unit, or can be configured as a racksystem, supporting up to eight channels in an aircraft-grade, aluminum 19-inch 1RU chassis. Each encoder supports HDMI video and 3.5 mm analog audio input, and H264/AAC-LC encoding and streaming RTMP/RTSP/HLS/UDP up to 1920x1080p. Each encoder has its own Ethernet connection to help reduce potential bandwidth issues and eliminates a single point of failure.

Multiple Bit Rates

Each channel supports one or two streams, each at its own independent bit rate and resolution. This is ideal for supporting higher bandwidth local services and lower bandwidth cellular and mobile applications without needing intermediate transcoding.

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Product Information

Ideal For

  • Television Distribution in enterprises of any size
    • Schools, K-12, Higher Ed
    • Corporate, Financial, Healthcare & Government
  • Security and Monitoring
    • Continuous video streaming
  • Internet Web Streaming


  • SCORPION-8   8 Channel Encoder 19” Rack
  • SCORPION-4   4 Channel Encoder 19” Rack
  • SCORPION-1   1 Channel Encoder stand-alone


  • DEVOS™ System
  • Arcus Streaming Service
  • Spider™ 4-channel streaming and recording appliance
  • Mantis™ 1-channel streaming and recording appliance
  • SignStick® Digital Signage
  • StreamPump® Digital Distribution


  • IPTV-8, IPTV-4, IPTV-1


  • HDMI with embedded audio
  • HDMI with separate audio on 3.5mm input
  • 1920x1080p, 1920x1080i,1280x720p


  • Live stream via IP on each of 8 Ethernet ports
  • H.264, Baseline, Main, High
  • Up to 1080p
  • Frame Rate 30/60
  • AAC-LC audio 64 – 384 kbps, 32kHz – 48kHz
  • HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, UDP multicast/unicast

Physical Specs

Power – 110/220 VAC, <40W

Temp  – -20C to +50C, <90% non-condensing humidity


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