Ready to upgrade your legacy streaming video system?

Upgrade Your Legacy Streaming Video Server

If you have a legacy streaming video  system like VBrick, Safari Montage, MediaMaster, etc…. 

Here are the top ten reasons hundreds of schools use Discover Video to do video morning announcements, IPTV, media management, unlimited digital signage and priority alert messages.

  1. Versatile
    Multi-functional live streaming, video on demand, digital signage, emergency alerts, and more, all in one unified system.
  2. Flexible
    Configure the streaming system for your needs – on premises, rack server, software (VM), cloud or a combination – even with legacy pieces that ARE fulfilling your needs (aka – we play nice with others).
  3. Scalable
    Hardware and software combine to create a streaming video system capable of handling a few hundred to several thousands of users simultaneously.
  4. User Friendly
    Simple, easy to use administration and user web interface.
  5. All Encompassing
    An end-to end solution of encoders (software and hardware), decoders (set top boxes/signage players), and streaming system simplify your video broadcast, capture, production and distribution.
  6. Economical
    Low cost to migrate and low yearly maintenance cost, compared to maintaining your current legacy system.
  7. Continuity of Service
    Safeguard your video library as we help you migrate your videos and meta data to your new platform.
  8. Standardized
    DEVOS’ modern architecture uses the latest video standards such as H.264, HLS, HTML5, and 4K.
  9. Fully Supported
    Receive prompt telephone and email tech support.
  10. Longevity
    Discover Video is a profitable fast growing company (Inc 500 list) who will be here to support your system for many years to come.

Did you know… the cost of a new Discover Video streaming video system is likely less than maintenance of the old one?

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Discover Video has replaced hundreds of outdated school streaming systems. The versatile DEVOS solution can scale from one building to hundreds of schools. 

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