Remote Teaching & Distance Learning

Keep School Open Online

Teach and Learn From Home

When your schools have to close for health or weather issues,  you can still remotely teach homebound students. 

Now that every teacher has a smartphone and an Internet connection, and nearly every student has a personal laptop or mobile device, school can always be in session.​

Streamsie & DEVOS Cloud for Distance Teaching & Learning

From One Device to Another

Stream, Record, & Playback Lessons Securely with Just an Internet Connection

    Use Streamsie PC,Mac, IOS or OBS encoding software  to stream in real time and/or record the lesson.
    Convert any recorded video into a podcast for universal viewing.
    Once the stream has begun, students can view and interact with a synchronized presentation. It is also available on-demand for students to review.
    The #1 reason schools choose DiscoverVideo is our responsive and diligent tech support, available via telephone and email. 
    Just like they were in the classroom, instructors can interact with online students in real time with live chat, polling, and Q&A. Students can be graded based on how they answer the questions in the videos.
    After the stream is done, teachers or administrators can see who has viewed the recording live and on-demand.
    Students can view lessons live and on-demand, anywhere, on any device with an internet connection
    . They can also download lessons as podcasts to listen without an internet connection.
    Searchable, AI-generated closed captioning is added with a single click. 
    Teachers can send a group text message to a group of students with a direct link to the video lesson. 

Distance Learning Case Study | University of North Florida

University of North Florida Loves Streamsie for Distance LearningEvery week the Univeristy of North Florida College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction produces a live broadcast/recording of five classes in a dedicated distance learning classroom. The classes are cast over the Internet for on-demand streaming of the recorded lectures. Files are automatically uploaded to the UNF’s Canvas Learning Management System. Distance learning students then have unlimited access to video lectures anytime, anyplace using broadband or Wi-Fi. Faculty also have access to their distance learning lectures to review content and teaching style.

“We absolutely LOVE DiscoverVideo and the products they’ve developed. There are very few software companies that truly listen to their customer’s needs. The service is excellent; they always answer the questions quickly and thoroughly. The feedback from faculty and students has been wonderful. We’re so glad we chose DiscoverVideo.”

Streamsie & DEVOS Cloud for Distance Teaching & Learning

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If your DEVOS system is cloud based or reachable outside the school, your teachers can immediately create video lessons and deliver them live or on-demand over the Internet to homebound students.  

Using our Streamsie encoder (PC, Mac, IOS) or Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) any teacher can easily create a video based lesson for the students.

What’s Next?

  • Create an encoder account for each teacher on the DEVOS server
  • Have the teachers download Streamsie or OBS software to their school or home computers, or Streamsie IOS to their iPhone or iPad:
  • Provide encoder account information to each teacher to activate Streamsie
  • Have the teachers watch the “how to create video lessons” video to learn how to use Streamsie
  • Have the teachers stream themselves live to students at home or record a video lesson for viewing on-demand
  • Use the chat feature for feedback from the students

To get more details please contact our sales team at or our tech support group at or call us at (860) 800-9922.