Product Selection Guide

Stream – Record – Manage – Deliver

Streaming Systems & Servers

DV Express

The DEVOS (Digital Enterprise Video Online System) all-in-one video management platform, easily and securely enables broadcasting, recording, management, and delivery with one streaming system.

The DV Express system includes many of the same features as a DEVOS  system but with a lower price and less capacity.


StreamPump acts as a streaming replicator (eCDN). Stream video to all viewers in any location with the bandwidth of one stream.

StreamPump also caches video files which also helps reduce bandwidth needs from HQ to remote locations.


Arcus is a professional live cloud-based streaming video delivery service. Simultaneously stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and more.  Arcus provides reports with viewing statistics.

Video Encoders

Streamsie /
OBS Plugin

Streamsie, Streamsie iOS, and the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) are easy to use, fully automatic, live streaming and recording software encoders. 

They can be controlled /scheduled by the DEVOS or Arcus streaming systems.


The Mantis appliance fits in your coat pocket, with multiple video and audio inputs, perfect for live streaming and recording events.   It includes SDI, Component, Composite, and HDMI video inputs.




Spider is “video production in a box.” This compact appliance combines audio/video switching and processing with ten definition H264 streaming encoders.   It is ideal for lecture/classroom capture as well as live webcasts.


The Scorpion live IPTV encoder system is a dedicated multichannel streaming appliance for your 24/7 channel. Available as single channel appliance or rack mount unit.  If you are looking for a low cost, high quality HD encoder, Scorpion is a great choice.


Spirit works with Streamsie/OBS to give you all the features and flexibility of a high quality encoder with a dedicated PC desktop production station.  Spirit is ideal for media conversion and studio webcasts.

Digital Signage & Display


SignStick® is a miniature Digital Signage Media Player for displaying video, images, slides, RSS feeds, and other content on TVs.   It connects to the TV HDMI port and can work on WiFi or Ethernet networks.  

SignStick can be managed remote through the DEVOS or Arcus streaming systems.  It also works with Priority Alert to display emergency messages.

Media Player

The Digital Signage Media Player works with Discover Video DEVOS and related systems to display high quality signage on monitors via HDMI.  Like the SignStick it can display live and recorded video, PowerPoint and Google slides, and web pages.  

Set Top Box

The Set Top Box is a low cost live and on-demand video decoder that is ideal for classrooms, boardrooms, or living rooms. Works with DEVOS to provide HD streaming video viewing on virtually any TV.


Venue™ replicates live presentations to smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Deliver a presenter’s screen, to everyone in a meeting room, ballroom, or elsewhere.

Captiva® Capture Devices


Captiva® Razor is the pocket-sized multi-channel tool to simultaneously stream and record.

This driverless audio/video input dongle delivers HD video resolution to your computer via USB 3.0. No power, driver, app, or capture card required.

Capture Card

Captiva® All-In-One Capture Card is the same world-class, high quality video capture card used in our Spirit dedicated encoder.