A Video On Demand Streaming System For Single Administrators

DVExpress is a low-cost streaming system for schools, colleges, and small businesses.

Imagine viewing your video anywhere, anytime, on desktops, cell phones, tablets, set top boxes, even Roku boxes. And keeping transmission secure, traceable, and easy to use.

DVExpress is an unlimited enterprise video delivery system that includes live streaming, video-on-demand, digital signage, emergency alerts, scheduling, learning and testing, 360-degree video, TV distribution, PowerPoint presentations, Podcasting, and more, and it is fully integrated into your organization. 

DVExpress is a complete hardware/software appliance package, ready to go.  The system includes many of the same features as a DEVOS  system with only a single administrator account.

Transform the Educational Experience with Video

Live Video and VOD

Streaming live video that’s easy and affordable  

DVExpress allows you to deliver live “morning news announcements” for your school or company.

Say goodbye to cable-TV coax.  Say hello to IPTV and deliver live TV to all authorized viewers via an existing wired or wireless network.

Upload videos that you recorded with Streamsie®, Mantis™, Spider™, or virtually any of your existing video.  DVExpress automatically transcodes your legacy Windows Media, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and other formats.  Upgrading from a legacy video system?  No problem, you won’t lose your content.

Record any live video, including special events, TV shows, sporting events, CEO addresses, meetings, and webinars.

Webcast your message to a world-wide audience.  Include your desktop, or PowerPoint, and give your most engaging talk to your audience and get live survey results and audience questions.

Monitor remote areas with your new or existing Netcams.  You’re not limited.

Video School Announcements
Capture and Broadcast Lectures, Presentations and Events

Billion Video Library

Need a video on about particular subject? Find it online and import it from YouTube, Vimeo, and others. Why pay for an expensive content subscription when you can get great content for free? DVExpress measures and controls access to these videos the same as video you upload.

Cloud-based Streaming Video Solutions

Digital Signage

Display news and information in lobbies, hallway intersections, or even in remote locations.  Its all controlled and managed by your DVExpress .  And at a touch of a button, one, some, or all of your signs can switch to show a Priority Alert.

Unlimited Custom Digital Signage


With 100’s or 1,000’s of live and on-demand videos, you want to be able to quickly find what you need. DVExpress provides a powerful deep search, allowing you to quickly find a video not only by its title, category, date, tags, or author, but by the closed captioning text. Remember that video where the boss said “pay raise”? Now you can find it!

Search all your videos by subject, title, or captions

Keep Quality While Reducing Bandwidth

Thanks to modern encoding technology the streaming rates are half what they used to be and are very modest by today’s standards.  DVExpress does not depend on IP multicast, but it can use it if desired. 

For remote locations, other building, branch offices, etc., simply place an economical StreamPump and it acts as a bandwidth amplifier for your network.  Viewers in those locations actually receive the live and VoD content from the StreamPump near to them, vastly reducing bandwidth usage on valuable network resources.

Enterprise Streaming

Testing and Measurement

DVExpress makes it easy to embed questions in any video and to measure the answers.  While this allows you to easily “grade” viewer performance, it also allows you to verify an assigned video is actually watched. 

DEVOS Video Server Management Analytics in Real Time

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  • Live Streaming up to HD resolution 
  • VoD streaming
  • Storage (up to 2000 hours at 1 MBPS)
  • Up to 1,000 simultaneous clients, depending on network bandwidth


  • Web page viewing compatible with Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Supports Flash and HTML5
  • Priority Alert requires download of program for desktops

Video Standards

  • H.264 / AAC (AVC)
  • Adobe Flash (RTMP)
  • HTML 5
  • DASH


  • Remote Control via Web

Priority Alert

  • Emergency Notifications to computers, TVs, and mobile devices.

Digital Signage

  • Unlimited number of unique digital signs
  • Live Video, Video on Demand, RSS, Images, Text, PowerPoint, Google Slides



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