Welcome to Arcus CDN

Professional live streaming video delivery that can simultaneously stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and more.

What if you took YouTube and made it private? 
Have more control, monetize your streams and keep 100% of the proceeds!

Incredible Social Media Reach

What if you could stream to your private network of viewers AND simultaneously to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and Vimeo – with one stream of bandwidth?

With an Arcus Live Stream account you can.

No ads, no data mining, and truly end-to-end security.

Non-Tech Friendly

The Arcus service is ultra simple to use: enter an account code, user-name, and password and your DiscoverVideo encoder is automatically set up and ready to go. 

Secure & High Quality Formats

Your Arcus stream is delivered on a secure connection, with HTML5 format, and supports industry standard H.264 at SD, HD or 4K resolution.  That means stunning, high-quality video and audio. 

Monetize Your Content

Viewers can watch your content for free, you can sell tickets, or ask for donations. You can even have your viewers donate bandwidth!

Arcus integrates with your PayPal account so that 100% of any money you receive goes in your pocket. Unlike our competitors, we don’t take a cut.

Encoder Included

Your Arcus Live Stream account includes DiscoverVideo’s Streamsie and OBS software video encoders.

Packages start at 260GB. Upgrading to more bandwidth can be instantaneous.

Watch Statistics

Detailed reports show you where your viewers are, their IP address, and their viewing behavior. 

You’ll have secure, reliable SSL streaming from any camera, including a 360, to any device with an Internet connection. 

Extend Your Zoom Conference

If you have a Zoom Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account, and the host is licensed and client version 4.4.53582 or higher is installed, Arcus is able to broadcast your virtual meeting or event to the whole world. Read the application note for more details.

Display Options

Want to display your live stream on Digital Signage?  Just point your SignStick to your Arcus account and deliver stunning, easy-to-manage, live Digital Signage displays in minutes.  And because SignStick caches VoD content, your signage consumes very little of your Arcus bandwidth plan.

All-in-One Video Mangement Options

Record and store live streams to DEVOS, your own multimedia management library.

Arcus is also compatible with virtually any other software or hardware video encoder, like DiscoverVideo’s Mantis, Spider, and Scorpion.

How to Purchase Arcus

Set up and stream live today.

Call us with a purchase order
or credit card at (860) 800-9922.


260 GB of Bandwidth
(About 500 viewing hours)


1300 GB of Bandwidth
(About 2800 viewing hours)


2600 GB of Bandwidth
(About 5500 viewing hours)


7200 GB of Bandwidth
(About 17,000 viewing hours)

More bandwidth and add-ons are instantly available.

For More Information On the Arcus System