OBS Plugin for DEVOS

Coupling and Compatibility with Open Broadcast Software

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Easily Interface OBS with DEVOS

The Open Broadcast Software project is an open source streaming and recording encoder. With the DiscoverVideo OBS Plugin, OBS can be used with DEVOS and Arcus.

The plugin adds automation, remote status detection, instant account setup, video metadata, and automatic recorded video upload to DEVOS.

The plugin just sits silently on your computer, visible in your system tray, ready to spring into action when called upon. To interface, enter the DEVOS account credentials and everything is automatically setup for you. Click on the Launch OBS link and you don’t even need to enter credentials!

The plugin is available to all DiscoverVideo customers. When you install it on a Windows computer, it monitors OBS state and can even launch OBS for you. It automatically installs a DiscoverVideo profile so you are ready to stream and record with ease. The plugin for Apple Mac will be available soon.

OBS Plugin Screenshot

Cool Remote And Scheduled Operation

The plugin monitors the health of OBS. If OBS crashes, the plugin can automatically restart it. This is ideal for unattended remote operation because it gives you greater assurance your system will be ready when you need it.

Then when you select Stream, Record, or both on your DEVOS web page, OBS responds and even sends real-time status.

Use the DEVOS calendar to schedule a stream or recording. For “belts and suspenders” reliability, schedule the encoder to stream, record locally, and also record on the server. The OBS plugin will upload the video at the end of the event. Optionally it will delete the video after successful upload (so you don’t have to worry about running out of disk space). And DEVOS will automatically publish it. You can even swap between the two recordings on the server in case one or the the other was superior.

Launch It

DEVOS even provides links that launch Streamsie or OBS and setup the desired account information. You don’t have to copy-and-paste your account information, just click to stream.

OBS vs. Streamsie

DEVOS users have a choice for software encoder: Streamsie or OBS. It comes down to complexity and scalability.

  • Streamsie is a much simpler interface. It’s perfect for the non-technical user, and quick streaming and recording.
  • OBS provides similar features but is more technically advanced – like the difference between Canva and PhotoShop.
  • OBS supports multiple inputs, where Streamsie only supports two.
  • Both have screen capture, recording, and chroma key. Each are compatible with Razor and other Captiva capture devices.
  • OBS is supported by the Open Source community while Streamise is supported by DiscoverVideo.

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