K-12 – Video In The Classroom

Live Video Morning Announcements

Teachers have been delivering Announcements over the loud speaker for decades! Let your students take over with video morning announcements that can be scheduled to go live at anytime.   They can be delivered live to TVs, computers, projectors, and mobile devices.  With Streamsie you can add special effects such as image and video backgrounds, text/image overlay, and two camera production. 

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Broadcast Video Morning Announcements

On Demand Video Content

Bring videos into the classroom without the distractions from YouTube or Vimeo. Access videos from televisions, computers and mobile devices including iOS and Android without any additional software. DiscoverVideo provides statistics and reports about who viewed a video and what video they viewed.  All videos can be closed captioned to meet regulations and make it easier to locate key segments.

On-Demand Video Content for Classrooms

Priority Alert 

Priority Alert (included in every DEVOS system) is used for delivering emergency information such as live or VoD videos, web pages, and messages to one, some, or all desktops and signage displays.  It can be integrated into existing emergency notification systems to enhance school security. 

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Emergency Alert Display

Classroom Capture

Discover Video’s DEVOS system makes it possible to capture and stream video live over the internet while maintaining control of the content. Our solution allows for the live stream videos to require log in and can produce a list of logged in viewers to the event manager. DEVOS enables distance learning for homebound students and flipping the classroom.

Classroom Capture

Digital Signage Displays 

Every DEVOS on-premises or cloud system includes unlimited digital signage.  Provide multimedia information to school visitors or deliver news to TVs in lobbies, cafeterias, and classrooms.  Every sign can have unique content with different sign creators.

Unlimited Digital Signage


With DEVOS you can deliver live TV channels in full HD quality to classroom computers and TVs.   We also offer an optional TV channel guide which can allow teachers to find and record specific educational TV programs.  IPTV is integrated into all DEVOS models starting with the low cost DV Express.

TV Content Guide and Recording with Streamsie

Live Video Streaming 

 Live streaming isn’t just big events like graduation. Stream guest lecturers, school plays and sporting events to the public internet or to over flow rooms.  DiscoverVideo offers reliable live video solutions so no one misses the biggest events of the year. 

Live Streaming for Events, Sports and Graduation

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