Streaming Video for Healthcare

Live and on-demand video can improve patient, staff and student outcomes at your hospital, healthcare school, or medical facility

On Demand Video Content

Record key events and training sessions and make them available to the staff and patients.   Securely access videos from televisions, computers, and mobile devices including iOS and Android without any additional software. DiscoverVideo provides statistics and reports about who viewed a video when they viewed it.  This information is crucial for compliance. 

On-Demand Video Server

Clinical Skills Assessment

The DEVOS system with our multi-channel encoder can stream and record four cameras simultaneously.   An instructor can view the clinical session live or watch the recorded version.   Using the unique DEVOS Multi-Viewer all four cameras can be shown on one desktop/monitor.

Record and Serve Clinical Assessments

Lecture Capture

DiscoverVideo’s DEVOS system is ideal for recording lectures and training sessions.   Recordings can be scheduled or manually started by the teacher/trainer.  Once the recording is complete,they are automatically upload to DEVOS for on-demand viewing.   In addition, the recorded lectures can be easily closed captioned to meet ADA requirements.

DEVOS Lecture Capture Multiview Video on Demand


TV distribution over IP networks is one of the applications available in DEVOS.   Rather than using old, worn out coax, TV channels can be easily delivered to any TV, computer, or mobile device.   In addition, a program guide can be added to provide TV listings and recording capability.

IPTV Live TV Content Guide and Recording

Grand Rounds and Live Video Streaming 

 One of the most popular applications for DEVOS is grand rounds live streaming.  Using DEVOS and our HD encoder experts can inform medical audiences on new techniques, medicines, and more.   DEVOS provides the ability to securely deliver these sessions live to key personnel in full HD quality, and with low delay.

Secure Live Streaming to Anywhere

Priority Alert 

Priority Alert is used for emergencies, but also to display live or VoD videos, web pages, and messages on one, some, or all desktops and signage displays for any purpose. Use Priority Alert for live “Morning Announcements”, “Executive Broadcast” and “Breaking News”.

Priority Alert & SMS Notification

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