Use DiscoverVideo across your entire organization to broadcast CEO Webcasts live to employees or to record training events for on-demand viewing

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On Demand Video Content

Store video content on the DEVOS server for easy access to CEO Webcasts, Employee Training materials and more. The DEVOS on-demand video library allows your organization to password protect videos and require log in for viewing.  Any video on DEVOS can be automatically closed captioned to meet ADA requirements.  In addition, captions can be searched to locate key video segments.

CEO Webcasts and Live Video Broadcasting

Discover Video’s DEVOS system makes it possible to capture and stream video live on the local network as well as over the internet while maintaining control of the content.  With Active Directory and SharePoint integration your organization can control who is viewing and provide detailed reports.  In addition, our StreamPump technology can insure employees at remote offices receive the same quality video stream.

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Employee On-boarding

Use DEVOS to on-board new employees. Create video lessons using our unique “Learning Path” module.  It allows you to create video, audio, or text based courses and assign them to new employees.  With inline questions embedded into videos you can measure comprehension and meet compliance requirements.


DEVOS can provide live TV to any computer, mobile device, or TV within your organization.  We also offer an optional TV program guide allowing users to select specific content to watch and also record it to the DEVOS video on demand server.   IPTV reduces the cost of using conventional TV and can deliver instant breaking news to key personnel.

Simple to use Digital Signage

Every DEVOS on-premises or cloud system includes unlimited digital signage.  Provide multimedia information to company visitors or deliver company news to TVs in lobbies, cafeterias, and work areas.  Every sign can have unique content with different sign creators.

Priority Alert 

Priority Alert is used for emergencies, but also to display live or VoD videos, web pages, and messages on one, some, or all desktops and signage displays for any purpose. Use Priority Alert for live  “Executive Broadcast” and “Breaking News”.


Have you ever been in a presentation where you struggled to see the screen? Our Venue solution makes it easy for the presenter to share their slide deck or desktop without using a network connection.  Every attendee can view the presentation on their mobile device.

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