SignStick® Makes Digital Signage Easy

Turn any TV or monitor into display digital signage with SignStick®

As its name implies, SignStick® is a small “stick” form-factor device that plugs directly into any modern TV or monitor to display digital signage. The SignStick connects to your network via WiFi or via the included Ethernet adapter.  You configure the SignStick with a server address and the code for a Digital Sign. Read more

Priority Alert

Deliver Live or Recorded Video and SMS Alerts to Your Audience

The Priority Alert system is built-in to the DiscoverVideo media systems.  Priority Alert delivers live or recorded video, text messages, or web pages to viewers desktops and cell phones without the viewer needing to take any action.  It simultaneously displays your alert on selected Digital Signage displays.

This is seriously cool.

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SPIDER – More Than Just An Encoder

Videographers and broadcasters take note – the Spider encoder is more than just an encoder.

Learn what happens when a one-man-band AV guy looks for a simpler and easier streaming and recording solution for live events.

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360 Video

Discover Video was the first enterprise system to support 360 degree video for live, recorded, and uploaded video.

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Closed Captions For All

Why being ADA compliant with closed captioning benefits everyone.

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