Enterprise IPTV for Schools & Business

Easily Stream Live TV and Video On Demand Over Your Network

continuous digital media delivery around corporate and private networks

Scalable Enterprise IPTV Distribution

A DEVOS streaming platform with Scorpion encoders offers a simple and affordable private enterprise-level digital IPTV distribution for any size organization.

HD Quality Private Internet TV (IPTV)

DiscoverVideo provides a scalable private IPTV system that can deliver thousands of streams simultaneously in HD or 4K quality. Watch live TV programs and record them as a media resource for on-demand viewing from your digital library.

This IPTV system replaces old coax systems and is ideal for schools, colleges, government agencies, financial firms, and healthcare entities.

Scalable Enterprise IPTV Distribution

Easy IPTV Integration

Just connect your video sources such as cable, satellite, or over-the-air tuners directly to the reliable Scorpion encoders. The Scorpions then stream the content to the on-premises or cloud based DEVOS server which in turn delivers it to the viewers.

Any stream can be password protected and viewed on computers, TVs, Roku boxes, set top boxes, and mobile devices.

Scalable Enterprise IPTV Distribution

Universal and Individual Accessibility

DEVOS makes hundreds of national, local and international TV channels available. With a simple web interface, administrators can control which channels are accessible. Limit or include viewing of special televised events, in-house live streams, or private webinars.

Scalable Enterprise IPTV Distribution

How Can You Afford NOT to Have IPTV?

Having your own private broadcasting station, with global control and granular delivery is priceless.

A four-channel DiscoverVideo IPTV system – for up to 1000 simultaneous viewers – is a relative bargain at less than $15,000. The system can easily be expanded to handle many sources by simply adding more Scorpion encoders. These encoders can be managed from any web browser. The DEVOS system includes full usage reports that show viewing statistics.

Increase control and reduce costs by broadcasting live TV over your network.

Scalable Enterprise IPTV Distribution

DEVOS & Scorpion IPTV Streaming System Details


Supported Video Standards

  • H.264 / AAC (AVC)
  • Flash Player
  • HTML5 video
  • iOS, iPhone, iPad
  • RTMP, HLS, Progressive delivery
  • Ingests live H264/RTMP, H264/RTSP, H264/MPEG2TS unicast/multicast
  • IGMP Multicast capable

Advanced Streaming Features

  • Push any live stream to another server, CDN, Arcus service
  • Pull in any compatible live stream
  • Set up multiple bit rate HLS
  • Supports live and recorded 360 degree video

Automatic Remote Encoder Setup and Control

  • Supports Streamsie, StreamEngine, and Mantis encoders.  Encoders can be remotely controlled and scheduled for streaming or recording.


  • Live streaming up to 4K resolution
  • VoD streaming
  • Up to 2,500 simultaneous live clients, expandable using StreamPump and/or Arcus
  • No limit on VoD clients via HTML5 within network capacity


  • Web page viewing compatible with IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPhone, iPad, most Android, most Blackberry
  • Flash player desktops, or uses HTML5.
  • Priority Alert requires download of program for desktops


  • Flexible multi-level management
  • Active Directory
  • HTTP and FTP upload of video files for VoD, plus Dropbox
  • Automatic Closed Captioning
  • Video Signage display management with unlimited unique station channels

On-Premises Server

  • Windows Server OS
  • Stinger Mini Server — compact design
  • Rack Mount Server — 1U Rack Mount, Xeon CPU, 2 TB RAID expandable disk storage
  • Additional storage options available


  • Fully hosted solution
  • Dedicated server, dedicated streaming
  • Expandable storage
  • Can easily use StreamPump for branch office live streaming capacity expansion
  • Low monthly rate
DEVOS DataSheets
Scorpion Product Info

Ideal For

  • Television Distribution in enterprises of any size
    • Schools, K-12, Higher Ed
    • Corporate, Financial, Healthcare & Government
  • Security and Monitoring
    • Continuous video streaming
  • Internet Web Streaming


  • SCORPION-8   8 Channel Encoder 19” Rack
  • SCORPION-4   4 Channel Encoder 19” Rack
  • SCORPION-1   1 Channel Encoder stand-alone


  • DEVOS™ System
  • Arcus Streaming Service
  • Spider™ 4-channel streaming and recording appliance
  • Mantis™ 1-channel streaming and recording appliance
  • SignStick® Digital Signage
  • StreamPump® Digital Distribution
Scorpion Specs


  • IPTV-8, IPTV-4, IPTV-1


  • HDMI with embedded audio
  • HDMI with separate audio on 3.5mm input
  • 1920x1080p, 1920x1080i,1280x720p


  • Live stream via IP on each of 8 Ethernet ports
  • H.264, Baseline, Main, High
  • Up to 1080p
  • Frame Rate 30/60
  • AAC-LC audio 64 – 384 kbps, 32kHz – 48kHz
  • HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, UDP multicast/unicast

Physical Specs

Power – 110/220 VAC, <40W

Temp  – -20C to +50C, <90% non-condensing humidity

Scorpion DataSheets

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