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Streamsie PC

Streamsie PC Update Now Available

  • New Features
    • Watermark now supports multiple image types
    • Watermark .png with transparent background supported
    • New Intel Quick Sync feature — click on the QS incon in the lower right to enabled/disable it.  QS uses video compression accelleration to reduce CPU load.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixes issue with image overlays on some computers

    Streamise Help Page (available from Streamise Info Tab)


    Running the installer will remove any watermarks, videos, or custom templates. You can add them back in after install.

    Current Version:


    Prior Version:


    If you have difficulty after updating, please email us at

    Remember, Streamsie PC is licensed per-account (or per-user).  You can install Streamsie PC on multiple computers, but only one can use the same account at the same time. When you install, you should enter unique information name, email, and phone each time, this allows you to know if your account is in use and by whom. Entering correct email allows us to notify you of imporatnt updates or critical issues.

Streamsie PC MSI Installer

Download the Streamsie PC MSI Installer 

 Download the MSI Installation guide here here.

Streamsie Mac

Streamsie MAC is the Apple live/VoD video encoder for DEVOS. Requires a DEVOS Encoder Account. Pro-version is not available. 

Streamsie MAC

Streamsie Help

 Product Manual

Streamsie PC User Manual

Streamsie Video Tutorials

Download Latest Version

Tips And Techniques

  • Licenses

    • Streamsie will only operate when it is connected to an account

    • Only one Streamsie can be connected to the same account at the same time. If the account is in use, you will be notified about who is using it.  You can install Streamsie on multiple computers (for example, your work PC, your home PC, your laptop PC, MS Surface2 Pro Tablet), but only one can be used at the same time with the same account.

  • Function Keys

    • ALT + Insert — Start/Stop Stream (toggle)

    • ALT + Home — Start/Stop Recording (toggle)

    • ALT + PgUp — Pause Recording (when recording is active)

    • ALT + PgDown — Un-pause Recording (when recording is active)

    • ALT + End — Stop All (Stop Streaming and Recording)

  • Pop-Out monitor by double-clicking on the preview window

  • Audio

    • You should verify that audio is present by watching the audio level indicators.  Use care not to select the same audio source for both Input A and Input B.

    • You should verify the audio quality by listening to a stream or playing a recording to ensure you have no distortion, hum, etc.

  • Remote Setup and Control

    • All streaming and recording settings are made on the server account

    • Streamsie can be remotely controlled from the server account. 

  • Tips

    • If you use Streamsie on more than one computer, include the computer’s location in the prompt during setup (e.g. Last name, location)

    • If you encounter performance issues, monitor your CPU use (see note in the product manual).

Video Capture Device Drivers

Streamsie Remote Control
Use Streamsie Remote Control to do easy timed recording such as when you convert a VCR tape to a video file (duration recording is built-in to Streamsie Pro).  The program allows you to control Streamsie’s installed on other computers too: start streaming and recording, and even set the template used.

Streamsie Background Selector
Installs special Templates (C2, Video A over B;  C3, Video B over A) for Chroma Key applications. Installs program to easily select different background images. Download 

Streamsie Remote Control for iOS
You can control your Streamsie desktop from an iPhone or iPad.

Streamsie for iOS
Stream live or record your video from an iPhone or iPad.

Captiva Miso Drivers

Download the Captiva Miso Drivers Here

Captiva Miso is the USB dongle used with Rover and other windows computers to support video inputs. 

Captiva All-In-One USB Driver

Download and Install the Captiva MISO driver for Windows

Captiva All-In-One USB supports SDI input in addiotn to HDMI, VGA, & DVI. 

Streamsie iOS

Download Streamsie iOS

Streamsie iOS is for Apple iPad and iPhone. It streams live video and records video for upload to DEVOS. Free download from iTunes store.

Desktop Player

Downlaod the Desktop Player

The desktop player displays live and Video-on-Demand content on your desktop.  Enable external player on DEVOS and launch the player from the web page.

Features keep-on-top and last used channel upon startup. 

Great for Morning announcements, TV and many other applications where you want video on your desktop. 


Set Top Box Generator

Download the Set Top Box Generator
The Set Top Box provides live and on-demand video display using conventional channel up/down from IR Remote Control.  Low cost device is perfect to viewing IPTV channels and can be used to view Digital Signage when the signage is encoded as a stream (e.g. SignStick connected to Mantis).

The Set Top Box Generator creates channels that can viewed on the Set Top Box. Read Setup Instruction.

SignStick Finder

Download the SignStick Finder

Find the IP address of SignSticks

Server Playlist Generator

Download the Server Playlist Generator

Generate server-side playlist from VoD and live videos. 

  • DEVOS Channel — channel for viewing content from DEVOS. Requires server license. Requires Roku 3 or better.  The DEVOS Channel is a sophisticated Roku App that supports search and selection by category, favorites, and more.

When you add the Roku license to DEVOS, you can view live and VoD channels on inexpensive Roku 3 or better boxes.  Once license enables unlimited use.

  • Digital Signage Channel — channel for Displaying Digital Signage on Roku box. Requires server license. Requires Roku 3 or better.  Optional Control Application. (Note: Signage designed for HD 16×9 displays).  NOTE: Roku is not reliable for continuous digital signage and we recommend SignStick.

After installing the Digital Signage channel, press the * button on the Roku remote to access the setup page. Enter the DEVOS server address and the ID of the sign.  For the version, enter 4 for a normal sign, 4t for a scheduled sign, and 4m for a master sign.

Arcus customers can publish their live and VoD content on the public Roku channel.


DEVOS Content Library for Server

DEVOS Content Library for Server

Add content to DEVOS server using this tool.  Library includes National Science Foundation, MIT, Khan, etc. New content added often.  Install directly on DEVOS server (requires admin access to the server).

DEVOS Uploader

Download the DEVOS Uploader

Upload videos to DEVOS quickly and easily.  Supports recursive folders so you can upload all videos in a folder and sub-folders.  Does not transcode videos (assumes sources are mp4, or DEVOS will transcode).

SRT to Web VTT Converter

Download the SRT To Web VTT Converter

3rd party web page to upload .srt caption file and create .vtt file compatible with DEVOS

File Uploader and Converter

Download the File Uploader and Converter

This program allows you to quickly add title, description etc. to a video file, then convert it to H.264 and upload it. Supports publishing to specific Channels; for Windows.

Mass Video Converter

Download the Mass Video Converter

This program converts all videos in a folder or folder tree and allows you to upload the converted videos. Great for converting legacy libraries to H.264 video at streaming rates.

YouTube Uploader

Download the YouTube Uploader

DEVOS YouTube Uploader allows you to rapidly upload Youtube content to a DEVOS system. Simply paste in the Youtube URL to your selected video and the program will enter the title and author, then just click a button to upload to your DEVOS account. Youtube content stays on Youtube and DEVOS plays it from there. 

For Windows.

YouTube Downloader

3rd Party program downloads videos from YouTube so that you can upload them to DEVOS. Intended for personal use and content you already own.

2016 © 

Set the “Save To” folder to devos dropbox folder or use the FileSync program to automatially upload to DEVOS.

RSS Downloader

Download the RSS Downloader

Automatic daily subscription to RSS CNN 10. Install on server. Free, no support. 

DEVOS Recorder

Download the DEVOS Recorder Multi

Download the DEVOS Recorder Single 

Allow you to start server side recordings at the touch of a button.

Read Instructions here

DEVOS Alert Control

Download the DEVOS Alert Control

Desktop App for Windows computer, allows you to issue Priority Alert from a button press.

DEVOS Priority Alert Scheduler

Download the DEVOS Priority Alert Scheduler

Schedule your Priority Alerts using this handy desktop tool. Enter the Priority Alert ID (from the DEVOS Priority Alert edit page URL) and the time, and the alert will be triggered every day at this time. Great for scheduled “morning announcements” and other regular events.

Digital Signage Scheduler

Download the Digital Signage Scheduler

Optional Feature

Schedule a full week of Digital Signage in your DEVOS system.

Read instructions here

Contact support to have server components added before use. 

IR Control

Optional program to control TV’s, cable boxes, and other equipmtent via IR using our iTach devices

Control and schedule 3rd Party devices: 

– Instruction / Setup

– iHelp

– iLearn

– iTest

Priority Alert Desktop

Priority Alert allows you to send live video, video-on-demand, text messages, or web pages to unattended computers.  Your alert will open when your DEVOS system alert is set to “All Zones”, or when the alert is set to the zone used by the computer(s).

For Windows Install, simply run the installer on target computers.  Enter your DEVOS server address and zone when prompted.

You can modify the settings by editing the config.xml file located in the install folder.

You can use Priority Alert for emergency communications, but you can also use it open full screen live video on one, some, or all computers for events such as morning announcements, webcasts, or special events.





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