DEVOS Video Server

DEVOS is one part viewing portal, one part streaming server, and one part media management system and is the cornerstone of the Discover Video streaming solution.

Looking for an all-in-one video streaming solution?

The true power of DEVOS is being the cornerstone of a turnkey solution. Combined with Streamsie, Discover Video’s encoding solutions, live and on-demand streams can delivered anywhere within your network. Add ARCUS, Discover Video’s Internet streaming services, to reach an audience in your local community or anywhere in the world.

With each DEVOS you get the ability to deliver up to HD live or recorded video to TV monitors and Smart TVs. Each monitor can display unique content consisting of video/audio, webpages, Powerpoint slides, text and RSS news feeds. DEVOS supports an unlimited number of signs and playlists! Why implement a separate digital signage system when you get one with DEVOS system that supports the unique Priority Alert system?

Looking for an all-in-one video streaming solution?

Product Information

Live Streaming and Management

DEVOS delivers live streams originating from Streamsie encoders, Multi-Channel (MCE) encoders, Streamsie (iPad) and compatible third-party encoders. DEVOS directly interfaces with Streamsie encoders and configures them for streaming, recording and publishing, allowing you to focus on creating content.

Easy Content Publishing

STREAMSIE Mac/PC can automatically upload recorded files to DEVOS but you can also easily upload content created from your smartphone, tablet, and popular editing solutions such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Movie Maker, and others. DEVOS is also integrated with Dropbox; Simply save a file to the DEVOS folder in Dropbox and it will publish to the DEVOS server automatically.

Universal Viewing

DEVOS provides an easy-to-use viewing portal that allows you to search for live and on-demand content, surf channels, or browse through categories. Access DEVOS from televisions, computers, and mobile devices including iOS and Android- without any additional software.


Supported Video Standards

  • H.264 / AAC (AVC)
  • Flash Player
  • HTML5 video
  • iOS, iPhone, iPad
  • RTMP, HLS, Progressive delivery
  • Ingests live H264/RTMP, H264/RTSP, H264/MPEG2TS unicast/multicast
  • IGMP Multicast capable

Advanced Streaming Features

  • Push any live stream to another server, CDN, Arcus service
  • Pull in any compatible live stream
  • Set up multiple bit rate HLS

Automatic Remote Encoder Setup and Control

  • Supports the Streamsie Encoder and other popular sources for live streaming


  • Live streaming
  • VoD streaming
  • Up to 2,000 simultaneous live clients, expandable using StreamPump and/or Arcus
  • No limit on VoD clients via HTML5 within network capacity


  • Web page viewing compatible with IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPhone, iPad, most Android, most Blackberry
  • Flash player desktops, or uses HTML5.
  • Priority Alert requires download of program for desktops


  • Password protect Integrated web page control
  • Active Directory
  • HTTP and FTP upload of video files for VoD, plus Dropbox built-in
  • Unique Priority Alert control
  • Video Signage display management with unlimited unique station channels

Premises Server

  • Windows Server OS
  • Stinger Mini Server — compact design
  • Rack Mount Server — 1U Rack Mount, Xeon CPU, 2 TB RAID expandable disk storage
  • Additional storage options available


  • Fully hosted solution
  • Dedicated server, dedicated streaming
  • Expandable storage
  • Can easily use StreamPump for branch office live streaming capacity expansion
  • Low monthly rate