DEVOS Streaming Server Selection Guide

Find the streaming server that fits your video needs

The DEVOS all-in-one streaming servers are scalable for any size organization and streaming video network.

All DEVOS Servers are available as on-premises hardware, software only, cloud-based, and hybrid.


  • Rack 16 has 16 disk slots. 2 TB drives configured for RAID-5 for content. Some servers may use Slot 0 for OS.
  • Stinger has at least 120 GB SSD for Operating System and DEVOS software, and one 2TB disk for content.
  • Servers support Ethernet Teaming engaged.
  • Additional throughput capacity available with Clustering and StreamPumps.
  • DV Express has limited features.
  • All DEVOS servers support StreamPumps.

Not Sure What To Pick?

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