DiscoverVideo Provides Webcasting for USDLA’s 2019 Annual Conference

DiscoverVideo will be providing the live stream of the United States Distance Learning Association 2020 Virtual Conference.

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Join DV at CEN 2019 Conference May 10

DiscoverVideo is presenting at the CEN Annual Members Conference, May 10 at the Connecticut Convention Center

The Connecticut Education Network conference is a premier community forum for finding effective technology solutions and sharing best practices.

Over 500 colleagues and education technology industry leaders come together to explore networking possibilities, discover better paths forward, grow their organization, and engage with the Connecticut education community.

DiscoverVideo’s Rich Mavrogeanes has a educational session at 1:30PM to talk about “Enhancing Security at Schools with Video Alerts.”

Video communications is a great tool to inform teachers and students about various emergencies. This presentation will focus on video streaming technology and how it can be utilized in a school environment to warn and instruct people about a specific event or danger. Many schools are using the award winning DEVOS platform for education, but with new enhancements, it can now be leveraged to provide instantaneous alerts on a campus, in a specific building or classroom. The focus will be on video streaming, wired and wireless networks, and the integration with existing security systems. Real world examples will be provided.

Plus Ethics & Robotics

Additionally, the keynote speaker will be Dr. Kate Darling, a leading expert in robot ethics. She is a research specialist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab, where she investigates social robotics and conducts experimental studies on human-robot interaction. Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, she explores the emotional connection between people and life-like machines, seeking to influence technology design and policy direction. Dr. Darling’s writing and research anticipate difficult questions that lawmakers, engineers, and the wider public will need to address as human-robot relationships evolve in the coming decades.

Visit the CEN Conference Site to see the full schedule of educational sessions,  conference agenda and to register.

Join us for our Closed Captioning Webinar

Learn how to caption any video for education and training
Wednesday, August 22nd at 1pm EDT, 10am PDT.

Watch the Webinar Here

Join Discover Video and cielo24 for this exciting Captioning webinar to learn:

  • How simple it is to add closed captions automatically to any video in DEVOS
  • How to search for keywords in captions and index your video
  • How the DEVOS and cielo24 captions meet ADA and Section 504 regulations
  • How to get high accuracy in your captions and utilize the captions for e-learning

This webinar will be recorded and a link will be sent to all registrants after the live event.