It’s The Bandwidth

Wondering when to use which video streaming appliance? The clue is in how much bandwidth you’ll need, determined by the number and location of your viewers.

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NetCams and Spider Catch Woodchuck

How to Use NetCams and DiscoverVideo’s Spider Encoder to Record and Stream with RTSP

Network Cameras, a.k.a “NetCams”, can be a great way to capture live events or to monitor remote areas.  Some of DiscoverVideo’s customers have outfitted sports arenas, lecture halls, doorways, and other locations with inexpensive NetCams.  For me, I have NetCams around my home, and used them to discover what animals were treating my garden like a salad bar.

What if I wanted to live stream and record Woody the Woodchuck destroying my  broccoli patch?

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Audio Video over IP

What you need to know to make audio video over IP as good as solid state.

There are many reasons why people prefer to transport audio/video signals over a digital network or #AVoverIP.  However, before abandoning conventional A/V routers, switches, coax cables, and amplifiers, let’s look at the basics of digital audio/video and transmission and your optimal options.

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How to Choose Video Encoders

Are you using the right encoders to capture and deliver your live and on-demand video?

There are two categories of video encoders: File Encoders and Streaming Encoders. Read more

Custom Digital Signage

Custom Digital Signage

Discover Video has made it very easy for you to create unlimited custom digital signage displays.

While other systems require you to learn new proprietary signage authoring tools, we have created a simple add-in for PowerPoint.

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Bonded Cellular Streaming

When to Use Bonded Cellular Streaming

How is bonded cellular streaming used to get HD 4K quality without WiFi?

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What does “Multi-Stream” mean to you?

Multi-stream means simultaneously live streaming to multiple channels. Are those multiple channels social profiles, individual viewers, or at multiple rates and resolutions?

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IPV6 Explained

What is IPV6 and Why You Should Care

I remember debating which protocol would dominate networking.  Would IBM embrace IP over their SNA and Token Ring?  Was Netware, then the dominate network system, going to support IP?  Was Banyan Vines going to become more popular outside of certain government networks?  Would ATM make the WAN and LAN distinction irrelevant?

That there would be an IPV6 wasn’t even in our imagination. When IBM selected IP, the die was cast.  And when the Internet became public, on April 30, 1993, the protocol debate was settled. Read more

SignStick® Makes Digital Signage Easy

Turn any TV or monitor into display digital signage with SignStick®

As its name implies, SignStick® is a small “stick” form-factor device that plugs directly into any modern TV or monitor to display digital signage. The SignStick connects to your network via WiFi or via the included Ethernet adapter.  You configure the SignStick with a server address and the code for a Digital Sign. Read more

Priority Alert

Deliver Live or Recorded Video and SMS Alerts to Your Audience

The Priority Alert system is built-in to the DiscoverVideo media systems.  Priority Alert delivers live or recorded video, text messages, or web pages to viewers desktops and cell phones without the viewer needing to take any action.  It simultaneously displays your alert on selected Digital Signage displays.

This is seriously cool.

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