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DiscoverVideo is the worldwide leader for comprehensive enterprise video systems. From Main Street to Wall Street, from the classroom to the board room, nothing communicates better than live and on-demand video and DiscoverVideo uniquely provides complete end-to-end turnkey solutions.

Broadcast Live Video with Ease

Broadcast your live video to desktops, cellphones, tablets, set top boxes, Digital Signage displays, and even to Roku players.  Deliver live Morning Announcements, Executive Broadcasts, or live IPTV Television channels.

Display Digital Signage Everywhere

Display Digital Signage anywhere, everywhere, anytime, under your control.  Show live video, text, images, PowerPoint, or web pages.  Have unlimited variety of content and displays under your control or the control of your users.

Provide Emergency Communications using Priority Alert to instantly display video or messages on desktops and Digital Signage displays at the touch of a button.

Comprehensive Real Time Reports and Analytics

Measure viewer behavior and system usage via comprehensive sophisticated Reports and statistical analysis.

Deliver real-time low-delay live streaming with interactive questions, chat, polls, and real-time feedback.  Give PowerPoint Presentations directly from the system or share your desktop in real time.

Invite people to view your content via SMS or using the built-in Invitation system.

Multiviewer In Browser

Organize your content into unlimited channels, allowing you and your staff to create collections of subject matter of your choice.

Teach and Learn with Learning Path.  Assemble videos, images, and documents, into organized courses and measure the progress and test scores.  Insert questions in videos and know who answered, who did not, and who is struggling.

Easy to integrate with your existing network

Your IT staff will appreciate our excellent network citizenship.  No exotic network requirements.  The DiscoverVideo system scales from the smallest school to the largest Corporate environment, supporting 100’s of thousands of viewers.  With StreamPumps at remote locations, branch offices can enjoy live video and automatic cached VoD content without using excessive network bandwidth.

Simple Active Directory integration operates out of the box, giving all users their own, trackable accounts.

The DiscoverVideo ecosystem includes single and multi-channel world-class encoders, the award-winning DEVOS multimedia server, SignStick Digital Signage devices, StreamPumps, Set Top Boxes, and more.

Record, upload, or import Video-on-Demand content.
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Cloud Solutions

The entire DEVOS system is available as an affordable hosted Cloud solution.  Put your content in the Cloud and conduct your live broadcasts to the Internet and to you premises either directly, or with all the bandwidth-saving advantages of local StreamPumps.

Premises Solutions

The DEVOS physical server is available in small, medium, and large capacity. Redundant power, and both SSD and RAID storage provide for maximum reliability.

Want to use your hardware?  The DEVOS system can be installed on your server or Virtual Machine too.

DVExpress is a ready-to-go minimal system, ideal for smaller organizations that don’t need the full DEVOS sophistication but with most of the same features.  DVExpress even includes four built-in encoder channels.

Affordable Video Solutions for Any Size Organization.

Our Markets


Audio/Video has been part of the primary school experience for many decades.  Films and DVD players have been replaced with modern Video-on-Demand systems.  Cable-In-The-Classroom and CATV systems now deliver live video not only to classrooms, but to cell phones, tablets, projectors, and more.  Institutions of Higher Education capture lectures automatically, giving students the opportunity to review and learn.  Integrated Digital Signage displayed at key locations keep students informed and motivated. Read more


From small towns to federal agencies, transparency in government is not only good for a democracy, it’s required by law.  Broadcast and capture council meetings, committee hearings, and special events.  Make your content fully accessible and searchable using Closed Captions. Read more

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Internal, secure “Town Hall” meetings and live executive broadcasts are enabled with a premises or cloud video system.  Just-in-time training and capture of subject matter experts lectures give companies a competitive advantage.  A company’s “HR Channel” give employees instant access to the latest benefits and onboarding information, while every department head can maintain their own content channel.  Digital Signage in lobbies and hallway intersections keep employees informed, motivated, and productive.  Read more

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The rapidly evolving healthcare field uses video to inform, educate, and entertain.  Grand Rounds are broadcast live.  Remote radiology allows healthcare providers more rapid access to vital images. Teaching Hospitals use the unique multi-view capabilities for student clinical assessments.  And broadcasting live TV over the network makes it easy to distribute news and information, displayed on Digital Signage or in patient rooms. Read More