Discover Video offers free on-demand webinars to help with the process of setting up many different video platforms in many different types of settings such as K12 Education, Corporate, Higher Education, Healthcare, and Government.

Using streaming video and digital signage are great ways to enhance community involvement in a healthcare organization. Video can improve training and enhance communications both internally and externally.  Learn how your healthcare organization can benefit with video.


 Live streaming the graduation ceremony is a great way to enhance community involvement. If the main room where the graduation is being held is too small, there isn’t anything to worry about. Set up additional seating in rooms that are connected to the network and stream to those classrooms.



Is your streaming system outdated and difficult to use? Are you having trouble configuring the stream? It might be time for an upgrade. Discover Video is here to walk you through and simplify your upgrade. With cost effective solutions, Discover Video will help you find the streaming system right for your business today.




notext-town-hall-meetingCorporate Video Town Hall Meetings are a great way to get company news out to all employees securely and simultaneously. In this webinar you will learn how to stream your town hall meetings live to all employees and to any viewing device. It also includes information on HD streaming to branch locations and overcoming bandwidth limitations.


Higher Education



Using a Lecture Capture system in your classroom or lecture hall is a great way to insure that your students are getting the most out of their education. Lecture Capture also ensures that you’re reaching the maximum amount of students you can. This webinar also includes discussion on using Learning Path to gauge the response and test the knowledge of your students.


K-12 Education

Video Morning Announcements

vma-homepage-bannerThe Video Morning Announcements Webinar is a great way to see how schools around the country use Discover Video to create live and on-demand morning announcements for their students, staff and guardians.  Learn how to set up a studio and use Streamsie by watching this Webinar.


Digital Signage 

Digital Signage is a great way to communicate with and engage customers, students and staff members in your business, office or school. New technology is permitting any organization to easily create and distribute high quality dynamic signage to any display.