Discover Video has a growing library of videos discussing different product options, case studies and how to videos.

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Lowell Public Schools Lowell, Massachusetts uses Discover Video’s DEVOS for many applications.   It is used for delivering TV channels to classrooms, professional development, video morning announcements, digital signage, and as a repository for all educational videos. Watch the video and learn more.


Massasoit Community College in Brockton, Massachusetts has one of the top media programs in New England.  It uses the Discover Video DEVOS system as a secure repository hosting all of the college’s video library as well as projects for current students. DEVOS is also being used for streaming the Massasoit TV channels live on the Internet.  


Bethel Public School District in Bethel, Connecticut uses a few Discover Video Products. They use Streamsie Encoders to do morning announcements; as well as the digital signage system and the DEVOS system. Their students were also excited to talk about how they use the DEVOS system in the classroom for projects and assignments. Read the written Case Study Here


Office of Radio and Television (ORTV) Prospect, Connecticut uses Discover Video’s Streamsie to record and stream their daily Mass. Then they use the Discover Video ARCUS platform to have an on demand video library of their weekly program as well as their monthly programs. Read the written Case Study here


DEVOS is one part viewing portal, one part streaming server, and one part media management system and is the cornerstone of the Discover Video streaming solution.


K12 Video Content is now an optional feature for the DEVOS system. This video gives you an inside look at the video content that can be added to the DEVOS system. From History to Science, the new Video Content has videos for any child from K-12.


If you are a current Discover Video customer, or are curious to see what Discover Video’s DEVOS system is all about, the tutorial playlist allows you get a glance or some help with the DEVOS product. This playlist has all of the essentials neede for a refresher course in DEVOS. This playlist is constantly updated with the latest in DEVOS features. Curious to how to use Learning Path? This playlist is here to help.