Town Hall Meetings

Stream, Record, Host & Deliver with DEVOS

Discover Video’s DEVOS platform offers an all-in-one solution for streaming, recording, hosting, and delivering live and recorded video footage to almost any device including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

DEVOS is one part viewing portal, one part streaming server, and one part media management system. You can easily share content from popular editing platforms like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Movie Maker, and others.

Solutions for School Boards and Schools Alike

One of the best aspects of the DEVOS platform is its versatility. A single DEVOS platform can deliver content for the school district as well as individual schools in the same district. DEVOS can power school board meetings, enhance flipped classrooms, serve IPTV in classrooms and deliver remote lecture content to students anywhere. Since DEVOS is a fully featured media management platform, you can control which users have access to which videos.

Solutions for Municipalities and Governments

The DEVOS platform is an ideal solution for municipalities and governments seeking streaming and on demand capabilities. The latter is especially important too, since H.B. 283 requires all meetings to be available on demand for up to two years after their original recording date.

Make the Most of Your Technological Upgrades

As users grow more comfortable with live and on demand streaming in their daily lives they will come to expect it from their governments as well. The right technological solution will make it easy to transition into a new era of transparency, cooperation and community.