Consulting Services

It’s widely accepted that digital media is a vital tool for just about every company or organization today. But for many organizations not directly involved with the digital media industry, the process of fully realizing the potential benefits of digital media remains confusing or even intimidating.

Discover Video does much more than simply produce webcasting software and hardware. We can help develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive digital media strategy to reach a wide variety of goals. Whether for internal communications, content management or improved organizational efficiency or for external marketing, promotion, sales or business development, Discover Video will provide a manageable plan for getting the most out of new digital media technologies and business models.

Some of the things we can help you understand and benefit from include:

  • Digital Media implementation, player design and development and custom integration
  • Effective and efficient human resource and employee development through online training, collaboration and management communication
  • Digital asset management to better collect, organize and access your digital media asset libraries and make them more available and effective for your employees, partners and/or clients
  • Effective and efficiently targeted external marketing through the integration of online, mobile, social media and other new technologies and trends
  • Maximizing the potential benefits of your digital media efforts through improved revenue generation, client and prospect growth and developing the relationship with your clientele
  • Understanding the Return on Investment of your digital media efforts through proper measurement, tracking and the attainment of identified goals
  • Developing a wide-reaching content distribution strategy including reaching users on their computers, mobile devices like iPhone and iPad and set top boxes like Roku and others.