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Step 2. Adjust the rate if desired.
NOTE: Be sure to include both audio and video bandwidth. Stereo audio will require twice the audio bandwidth as mono.
Calculate Streaming Bandwidth
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Calculate File Recording Size
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Approx. Disk Space Needed is: KB

  • We use 10242 for a MB rather than 1000. This is because most CDN’s use this and because it is more consistent with file systems. The Windows system uses 1,048,576 (10242) bytes per MB for example. Read More
  • Actual file size may vary depending on how much motion there is and the compression used. It is unlikely to be larger than the calculated value.
  • For multicast, the total streaming bandwidth is always equal to the streaming rate (number of viewers does not matter)
  • Internet Streaming Bandwidth is only used when there is one or more viewers. No bandwidth is used when there are no viewers.
  • Bandwidth use is the same whether the viewer is consuming a live video stream or a file-based video stream
  • Discover Video Streaming Service provides X GB of streaming bandwidth, and Y GB of file storage for Z dollars
  • Streaming Thoughput is the total instant bandwidth required
    to support viewers at the specified bit rate