The StreamEngine is a high performance, multi-channel live audio/video streaming encoder. StreamEngine supports up to 16  live video inputs and can deliver multiple live video IP streams depending on the selected output resolution.   Each channel can have multiple bit rates.

It is much more cost effective than alternatives that require an encoder “box” for each channel, or a rack system with multiple encoder “blades”.

High Definition

Up to 1920 x 1080 is supported and the system accepts HDMI input. Because of the high quality of Discover Video encoder, the HD video input an be streamed as low as 1 to 2 Mbps per channel with great quality.

TV Distribution

StreamEngine is ideal for delivering live TV channels over a local IP network to computers, mobile devices, and TVs.   It can be used with the award winning DEVOS Visual Communications Platform and optional TV guide in schools, hospitals, businesses, and government agencies.


Each channel is independent and the encoder setting can be changed “on the fly”. Set the stream video and audio rates, frame rates, key frame period, the target streaming service, stream name, and more.  The compact design (1RU) allows you to place it in a 19″ rack with cable TV tuners.

Built-in Analyzer

The StreamEngine can automatically detect long periods of audio silence, lack of video motion, and other metrics. Based on this integrated analyzer, StreamEngine will automatically restart a channel thus providing a self-healing, reliable streaming system.


For users looking for an every-day turnkey solution, the Rover comes with the Streamsie software preinstalled on a high-end laptop that is streamlined for capturing and streaming video.

Quiet operation makes this high performance desktop system ideal for permanent installations that require HD quality.

Streamsie™ is a powerful and easy-to-use video streaming app for your iPad, PC, or Mac.

Manage & Deliver

This all-in-one media management and streaming server, installed on-premise or in the cloud, provides everything you need to deliver live and on-demand streaming content within your organization to virtually any viewing device.

Discover Video’s subscription-based online streaming service that delivers video over the Internet to viewer’s computers and mobile devices. Perfect for organizations looking to stream video regularly.


Live and on-demand video can be delivered from Discover Video’s streaming solutions to computers on the local network or over the Internet without the need for special software.

Easily stream live and on-demand video to Apple devices, such as iPhones® and iPads®, as well as to Android™ tablets and smartphones.

Discover Video enables any television or video projector to access and play live and on-demand video using our Media Player or a special add-on for the Roku® player.

Download StreamEngine Datasheet

StreamEngine is a multi-channel encoder for live streaming up to 8 SD/HD video sources simultaneously. Ideal for delivering live TV channels over an internal IP network to computers, TVs, and mobile devices.