Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a great way to greet faculty, students and parents as they enter a school. Discover Video offers a complete Digital Signage Solution for K12. Display Bus Alerts, the school lunch menu and video morning announcements to any screen in the school.

Bus Alerts

DEVOS supports a simple system that allow you to display real-time school bus announcements. As soon as the busses are available for loading Signage will display on the television the number of the bus. This can be done with a bus monitor outside controlling the bus alert system with a mobile device.

Priority Alerts

For emergencies, you can send Priority Alert messages directly to digital signage monitors providing evacuation instructions or other important information. Priority Alert overrides any other content that may be showing, and replaces it with your message.

Custom Signage

One of the hallmarks of the DEVOS system is the unlimited, easy template-driven Digital Signage system. But sometimes, you want to design your own sign layout. Now you can. The Custom Signage app allows you to quickly design new layouts or edit existing signs. Select your colors, fonts, images, videos, text, web pages. Do whatever you wish, it’s custom but it’s easy! You can also upload your PowerPoint presentations or use Google Slides.

Live and On-Demand

Watch all of your live and On-Demand Sporting events through the digital signage system. Boost student moral by having a highlights reel playing in the cafeteria durning lunch. If the auditorium isn’t big enough to hold all of your audience, live stream sporting events, concerts and graduations to overflow rooms on the network.

Google Slides

Digital Signage is as simple as loading in a Google Slide Deck. Have multiple staff members collaborate on one slide deck and easily launch it to your digital signage display through DEVOS.


Morning Announcements

Allow students or staff to create and deliver your school’s video news program to classroom computers, TVs, or mobile devices. With Digital Signage you have an easy way to broadcast any programing throughout the school at the click of a simple button. You can program your sign to play the announcements live at the same time every day with a set timer.  

The Discover Video Digital Signage Solution

Digital Signage is just part of the Discover Video solution, but what makes it great is the flexibility it provides when viewing live and on-demand content. Discover Video’s Media Player and Signstick  allow you to watch video on televisions and projectors, while it can also be viewed on  Roku Devices and Samsung Smart TVs natively, with no additional software.