Live Streaming

Maximize your reach. Whether you’re one office building or spread out over the nation, Discover Video offers a variety of ways to ensure that your live stream is viewed by all of your employees. Use our StreamPump to ensure that data usage is minimized while viewership is maximized.

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Video On Demand

Where do you keep a record of all of your company’s videos? After you record a live stream, what happens to the files? Discover Video offers a secure and searchable repository for videos on premises or in the cloud.

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DV SIGNAGE_reduced

Digital Signage

Every organization needs to deliver news and information to its employees, partners, and customers.   Discover Video offers a flexible, simple to use digital signage system to distribute video, images, text, etc. to TV monitors worldwide.

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Learning Management

Learning Management Systems are the latest in educational technology. They institute the ability to share knowledge from educator to student. In the business setting they allow business to monitor training and development of their employees.

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Video Conferencing

Communications is evolving. Video conferencing is the next step in improving communications in your organization. With interactive video people can see and hear, allowing for more effective and accurate information exchange.

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