Set Top Box



The Set Top Box works with the Discover Video DEVOS system to provide easy user selection of desired content, and also operates as a server controlled decoder.


Just plug in the Set Top Box  into the Ethernet network, set the DEVOS portal address, and you are done. Channel surf using the IR remote control.

Remote Control

The Set Top Box can be remotely controlled by the DEVOS system. Select any video, view it and select “send to TV” to cause the content to be automatically displayed on the Set Top Box.


Connect your audio/video to your TV or projector via HDMI  to display full HD video, or use the included composite video cable to show your content on an older SD TV.

Control 3rd Party Devices

The Set Top Box supports ending commands to an RS232 port. Connect the RS232 port to control power, input or other attributes of devices that support ASCII commands.


Read the Data Sheet here