Digital Signage

Discover Video provides a complete Digital Signage solution for schools, businesses, and government. It is available free with the DEVOS premises or cloud media management system. This versatile digital signage system can display live video, stored video, text, webpages, RSS feeds, and images on large screen monitors in public locations. Our system is different from traditional signage offerings in that each station (monitor) can display unique content. In addition, it can work directly with Samsung Smart TV monitors using the Discover Video Samsung App.
Stream Morning Announcements with Discover Video

Free with DEVOS

When you purchase a Discover Video DEVOS media management system you get the Digital Signage for free! Each DEVOS system (premises or cloud based) provides the ability to configure every signage station with unique content. You can select any template and insert video, images, Powerpoint, Text, Google Slides and RSS feeds.

Priority Alert

For emergencies, you can send Priority Alert messages directly to digital signage monitors providing evacuation instructions or other important information. Priority Alert overrides any other content that may be showing, and replaces it with your message.

Custom Signage

One of the hallmarks of the DEVOS system is the unlimited, easy template-driven Digital Signage system. But sometimes, you want to design your own sign layout. Now you can. The Custom Signage app allows you to quickly design new layouts or edit existing signs. Select your colors, fonts, images, videos, text, web pages. Do whatever you wish, it’s custom but it’s easy! You can also upload your PowerPoint presentations or use Google Slides.

Simple to Use

We have developed the Discover Video Digital Signage system with easy to use controls. Just login to the DEVOS system from anywhere through your web browser and use the special digital signage wizard to make your signs. Within minutes you can have a complete system up and running.



Any TV monitor can be a digital sign with a Roku Box or Streaming Stick. Just attach your Roku to the TV, connect to the Wifi or Ethernet network, and tune into the DEVOS Digital Sign channel.


SignStick-2 is a low cost, full Digital Signage Media Player that works with DEVOS.  Just plug the SignStick-2 into a standard TV monitor via the HDMI port and connect to the local Ethernet or WiFi network.  With SignStick-2 you can display video, playlists, web pages, images, and more.

Samsung Smart TV App

With the Samsung App you can use the Discover Video digital signage system directly with the Samsung Smart TVs – no PC, Set Top Box, or other device required to receive the multimedia information. Just connect your Samsung Smart TV to your IP network and download the Discover Video App. Now you are ready to display any content you desire in brilliant HD resolution. More.

Media Player

The optional Media Player provides high quality video output and is ideal for Digital Signage use.   The DV Media Player allows organizations to deliver full HD video signage to any monitor connected to the DEVOS system.  Each Media Player can display unique content allowing for an unlimited number of digital signs.