DEVOS by Discover Video

Streaming Video to Computers, Tablets and Mobile Devices

What do you need to display streaming video from Discover Video’s product such as Streamsie, DEVOS, or ARCUS? Nothing. That’s the best part. You don’t have to install special software on the computers in your organization. We use the players you already have such as Adobe Flash. This may not sound like a big deal but having to install software organization wide can be a major IT headache. Easily view streams on Apple Mac and Windows-based computers.

The Discover Video Solution

Streaming to computers is just part of Discover Video’s complete streaming solution. You can easily stream to smartphones and tablets, television and projectors, even create compelling digital signage. This is all possible with DEVOS, Discover Video’s streaming and management portal, live and on-demand streams can delivered anywhere within your network. Add ARCUS, Discover Video’s Internet streaming services, to reach an audience in your local community or anywhere in the world.