DV Express – Compact Streaming System


DV Express is a live and on-demand video portal for small organizations such as small school districts, colleges, and corporate departments. DV Express can support up to 1000 simultaneous live video viewers using conventional streaming or a virtually unlimited number of viewers via IP multicast. Select DV Express for simple applications  where you want to do much of what a full DEVOS does, but with a smaller budget and less complexity



Integrated Live Encoders

DV Express includes four HD encoders to deliver live content from cameras, cable TV tuner boxes, or other sources across your IP network.  Any live stream can also be recorded and placed on DV Express  for on-demand viewing.

Mobile And Desktop Viewing

You may use your Android phone, iPad/iPhone, Windows PC, or Apple MAC to view any live or on-demand video on DV Express.  Enjoy the simple navigation to find any content for video on demand.


Compact Versatile Design

The DV Express is a self-contained, low cost, fully automatic, streaming server and media management system. It is ideal for small enterprises or departments in larger organizations that need video streaming, digital signage, or a Priority Alert notification system.

Digital Signage

DV Express also includes a full Digital Signage System to deliver video, images (PowerPoint or Google Slides), RSS feeds, text, webpages, or emergency information to an unlimited number of TV monitors.  Each end station can have unique content which makes DV Express great for any organization.  The administrator, using a simple web-based control panel, can create digital signs from any location.

DV Express is a simple system that is controlled and managed by a single user “Administrator”. It is ideal for:

  • Distribution of Video Announcements in Schools, businesses, and other organizations
  • Delivery of TV Channels over standard IP networks
  • Deployment of Digital Signage with centralized control and management
  • Storage, management, and delivery of Video-on-Demand

Key Features

  • Live streaming Server – up to 1000 streams at 1 Mbps

  • VOD server – Includes 1TB video storage, expandable to 2 TB

  • Digital Signage System – unlimited number of unique signs

  • Viewing of video with all major browsers and mobile devices

  • Compatible with Streamsie encoder for PC, Mac, and IOS

  • H.264 Unicast and Multicast streaming

  • Compatible with Discover Video TV channel guide service

  • Four built-in HD encoders (HDMI)


  • Live Streaming up to HD resolution (4 encoders included)
  • VoD streaming
  • Storage (up to 2000 hours at 1 MBPS)
  • Up to 1,000 simultaneous clients, depending on network bandwidth


  • Web page viewing compatible with Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Supports Flash and HTML5
  • Priority Alert requires download of program for desktops

Video Standards

  • H.264 / AAC (AVC)
  • Adobe Flash (RTMP)
  • HTML 5
  • DASH

Priority Alert

  • Emergancy Notifications to computers and TVs.


  • Remote Control via Web

Digital Signage

  • Unlimited number of unique digital signs
  • Live Video, Video on Demand, RSS, Images, Text, PowerPoint, Google Slides

Encoders Included

  • Four HD H.264 encoders for live video (cameras/IPTV)
Download DV Express Datasheet

The DV Express is a compact system for Live and On-Demand video distribution for small enterprises such as schools, colleges, and corporate departments.