ARCUS - Internet Streaming Service (CDN)

ARCUS is the premier streaming service from Discover Video, providing you all of the tools that you need to deliver live and on-demand video on the Internet.

Go Live
Live video streams are delivered to ARCUS using Discover Video’s DEVOS,  Streamsie PC/Mac encoder, or Streamsie app for iPad, as well as from other popular video sources. ARCUS will deliver high-quality video to thousands of users on computers and mobile devices; you can even create your own custom channel for Roku players. ARCUS will also allow you to upload and manage recorded video files making them available for immediate on demand playback.

Video On-Demand

Easily upload content recorded using DEVOS or Streamsie. You can also upload content created with popular editing programs such Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and more. These videos can be easily embedded into your website.

Hands-Off Simplicity
ARCUS is inexpensive, ultra simple, especially when compared with other professional services. You simply enter your user credentials and your Streamsie software is automatically configured and ready to start streaming. Avoid having to enter separate server addresses, ports, username, passwords, remote directory, and so on for each of the provided services — vastly improving simplicity and eliminating the most common setup errors.

Multiple Formats
ARCUS supports all of the popular formats such as live H.264/Flash, H.264/Flash VoD,  and both streaming and progressive download formats.

Any Screen Delivery
Deliver your live or VoD to Windows and Macintosh based desktops as wells to mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry mobile devices.

World-Class CDN
Discover Video uses the best Content Delivery Network providers and its own services to provide the reach and scale you need. Whether you are doing a live broadcast to 10 or 10,000 viewers, the service will scale to meet your needs.


  • Stream in H.264, deliver to desktops & mobile
  • Live and VoD
  • SD to HD rates / resolutions
  • Simple, easy to use control panel
  • No ingress charges (stream 7 x 24 and if no one views you have used zero bandwidth)
  • Superior peering arrangements (fewer IP ‘hops’)
  • Same viewing page / embed code for desktops and mobile
  • Simple, easy to use control panel for VoD.
  • Customizable live and VoD viewing page and embed code
  • Optional Roku channel for live and VoD
  • Optional cloud based live WM to H.264 transcoding
  • Optional premises-based MPEG-2 to H.264 live transcoding

The service is already integrated with Streamsie software, Rover, Spirit, and Nomad streaming solutions making it incredibly easy to use. You can use it with other popular encoders too.

  • Web Remote control for Streamsie
  • Customizable live viewing page and embed code
  • File transcoding and upload tools
  • Live and VoD control panel with viewing statistics
  • Customizable Live and VoD viewing page with thumbnails, embed code
  • Password protection of your live stream
  • Password protection of any VoD content
  • Optional Roku channel with password

ARCUS has the right annual subscription package to meet your needs. Contact us today to answer any questions.

120 GB capacity + 10 GB storage.

600 GB capacity + 50 GB storage

1.2 TB capacity + 100 GB storage

3.6 TB capacity + 300 GB storage

A package that meets your specific needs

Download ARCUS Datasheet
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